Download FlyVPN Apk Mod[No] v6.5.2.0

Download FlyVPN Apk Mod[No] v6.5.2.0

FlyVPN APK is an application that helps you access the web with a hidden IP address. FlyVPN has used their name to place on its application and continues to grow. This application allows you to surf the web quickly, privately and securely.

  • Introduce about FlyVPN
    • Connect with many servers around the world
    • Why should you choose FlyVPN?
    • Friendly with users
  • Download FlyVPN APK for Android

Introduce about FlyVPN

Currently, a lot of VPN applications appear but not all are good, which are completely free. Currently, such applications have countless numbers to count.

Download FlyVPN Apk Mod[No] v6.5.2.0Download FlyVPN Apk Mod[No] v6.5.2.0Download FlyVPN Apk Mod[No] v6.5.2.0

But FlyVPN gives you a free trial of up to two weeks for you to experience and give a review. In addition, you can invite your friends to try out and get five additional free days per person. So, what is more outstanding about FlyVPN? Let’s get started to find out!

Connect with many servers around the world

FlyVPN owns more than 300 servers worldwide. Just touch the button you can connect to everywhere. You can connect to London, New York, Beijing, Paris, … And especially your security will be kept absolutely safe. The application interface is also extremely simple and easy to use. If you are a new user, the system will guide you from A-Z so you can quickly get acquainted.

India is blocking PUBG Mobile in their country. So players need to fake the ID address to play this game. Using a VPN will reduce access speed so your game will lag. But FlyVPN will help you access extremely fast and not reduce internet access speed. You can also check the connection speed before selecting the best server for you.

More specifically, this application has extremely high security and is extremely safe. Your IP will be completely hidden and replaced with a new IP. Therefore, accessing the website to block IP sites will no longer work and you can access them simply. Not only that, but the application also helps to block malicious codes from entering the phone through websites. So you can safely surf the web safely and quickly.

Some other VPNs you can use: Panda VPN Pro, Turbo VPN VIP.

Why should you choose FlyVPN?

Publisher FlyVPN allows users to use their application for free for 14 days. With such a lot of servers, it takes a lot of money to pay. So after 14 days, you can buy and upgrade your Premium account to support the publisher. However, do not worry because you will get 2 weeks of free trial application before deciding whether to buy or not.

FlyVPN’s bandwidth will not be limited so you can access and surf the website fast. In particular, the application has more than 50 Chinese servers for those who like their online games. You can change constantly and choose the fastest server to use through the speed test.

You can connect multiple VPNs at the same time on the same account. This application also supports UDP and TCP connection protocols. They also have an anti-DDoS server to secure customer information. Those are the reasons you should use FlyVPN.

Friendly with users

This is an independent publisher so the reputation is extremely important. And in particular, they are extremely customer friendly, ready to support 24/7. If you have any questions, you can leave a comment or contact. They will support you as soon as possible. You upgrade Premium membership but when using but do not feel satisfied? Please be assured that the issuer will refund within 30 days if you feel dissatisfied with their application.

Download FlyVPN APK for Android

This is an excellent application for those who want to play games with IP blocked. And so far this application is one of the most widely used VPN software, which is highly appreciated. I believe that it will not disappoint you.

Download FlyVPN Apk Mod[No] v6.5.2.0 (10M)

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Download FlyVPN apk from google play

Download FlyVPN apk from google play

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