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Name Alpha Ace(beta)
Category Shooting
Size 798.0MB
Popularity 6820
Publisher WHWL
Score 7.3
Publish Date 05/01/2021
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Mod Info:

Alpha Ace(beta)

Alpha Ace(beta) Game Introduction :

\”A brand new first-person mobile shooter with super-reactive battles. In the face of the ultimate standoff, when you put your skills to the ultimate test, it will activate your senses. Alpha Ace has what every FPS fan wants Game mode, wait!

Dismantling the conflict (PvP)
The classic bomb squad mode, with enhanced graphics and fast-reaction gun battles.

Team conflict:
Earn points by defeating enemies. Unlimited rebirth and weapon selection, this is a grand battle of skills.

Grab points:
Accumulate personal points for the team! Earn points by defeating enemies; earn bonus points by defeating enemies with bonus weapons. Get as many points as possible within the time limit!

Endgame mode:
C-4 was deployed from the beginning, and the final game began. Demolish or detonate, complete your goal to win.

The pink team is mixing with AI characters at the party. Can you tell who is who?

Titan Arcade:
Gain Titan\’s power while killing. Unlock special weapons as you grow in size!

Rocket Man:
Take the rocket launcher to town in a low-gravity environment. Simple, violent, and extremely explosive!

Download Alpha Ace now and play the game your way! \”

Alpha Ace(beta) Game screenshot :

Alpha Ace(beta)

Alpha Ace(beta)

Alpha Ace(beta)

Alpha Ace(beta)

Alpha Ace(beta)

Alpha Ace(beta) (798.0MB)

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