Download Lost Light Apk Mod[No] v1.0

Download Lost Light Apk Mod[No] v1.0

Lost Light APK from the publisher Netease Games Global is a third-person shooter survival game. It is no exaggeration to say it can be able to compete with PUBG Mobile. Let’s see how Lost Light did it.

  • Introduce about Lost Light
    • Background
    • It is nothing to complain about the graphics 
    • Real-life weapons with deep customization
    • Survival factors
    • A world of survival with cruel rules
  • Download Lost Light APK for Android

Introduce about Lost Light

A perfect combo of shooter, adventure, and survival 


Lost Light is a post-apocalyptic world. You are a veteran member of the FirelySquad organization. To find the survivors and rebuild the new world, you and your teammates will explore dangerous lands, find traces of people, and save their lives. This difficult adventure can cost you your life at any moment. You must always be cautious, make the most of the skills and weapons at hand to destroy a series of powerful enemies on the road. You can play the game in solo or multiplayer mode.

Download Lost Light Apk Mod[No] v1.0

It is nothing to complain about the graphics 

Many players have evaluated that Lost Light even has miniatures and some areas that are superior to PUBG Mobile. Yes. Each person has a feeling. To me, before I played Lost Light, I had never played PUBG Mobile (after that, I played it because I was curious why people compared these two guys so much). And the objective feeling when facing Lost Light for the first time is: beautiful. Of course, maybe because Lost Light was released later so the graphics had improved a lot. But that reason cannot be cited to deny the amount of effort that the developer had for the meticulousness of each scene here. The most impressive are the scenes in the forest, which is both cool and sunny up there, bringing the players full of excitement.

Real-life weapons with deep customization

Now is another good point that I reminded myself to mention. Lost Light takes place in the distant future of humanity when technology and everything else has advanced quite far compared to now. But the developer did not rely on it to create a bunch of weapons that are too strange. The weapon system in Lost Light is still very familiar, not too strange to what we have known or seen in other traditional shooting games. They are close, realistic from shape to range and damage.

Weapons in Lost Light are not only real and rich but also deep and detailed. You can upgrade each gun to 12 different parts. With this depth, players have a lot of different ways to support combat and survive in any situation.

Download Lost Light Apk Mod[No] v1.0

The third-person view in the action phases also allows you to see more clearly every character’s movement and how to make use of each weapon. You can see that the shaking gun when shooting at the enemy and the gun panning back and forth when finding the object to shoot is also very real.

Obviously, the idea of ​​​​shooting is not strange anymore, and the way to control the gun is also like typical shooter games. But the dense gun system and complex customization capabilities have created a highlight for Lost Light.

Survival factors

In addition to being a third-person shooter, Lost Light is also a true survival game. All the inherent characteristics of survival can be found here. Explore, Fight enemies, Collect items, and Improve weapons. And it is indispensable to take care of health indicators: blood, physical strength, and food.

In the battle against the enemy, it is not always just death and life. You can also get hit by bullets and get injured. Then you have to run to the evacuation area for treatment, eat and drink to regain your energy. This element is very different from the shooting games.

A world of survival with cruel rules

There are a lot of “win-or-die” situations where players have to make their own decisions. Enemies are still lurking around, but the food can run out. You will choose to lose blood to get food and be ready to fight any villain out there, or will you choose to be stealthy, cautiously moving closer to the food source and taking some and then returning safer. Every decision, every step of the player will lead to a sublime or tragic fate for the character.

Also, to survive as long as possible amid this dangerous world. You have to understand what you have, what you can do, and what you will need to do. Weapons, equipment, food sources, inherent skills, health, and difficulty of the surrounding terrain… They can be advantageous if you know how to take advantage and exploit them. Or they can become a fatal weakness.

Download Lost Light Apk Mod[No] v1.0

And so, only fighting all day sometimes won’t help you survive for long. You must have a clear plan in mind, looking for evacuation locations before going into battle. Sometimes hiding from the enemy is the smartest way. You also have to find everything that suits your survival strategy: equip a lot if you want to kill all of them in a shot, quickly kill every enemy in the area you come, or just collect just enough (food, drink, items, and weapons) to defend yourself and survive in harsh environments.

All items and loot will be lost. So, no matter what strategy you choose to play Lost Light, you need to live first. Survival stats, again, is something I want to emphasize that you need to keep an eye on in all situations.

Download Lost Light APK for Android

The game combines third-person shooter, adventure, and survival. All of them fulfill the role well. Rich terrain and great graphics are also what make the game so wonderful. Lost Light is exactly the light you need to find in your mobile gaming adventure.

Download Lost Light Apk Mod[No] v1.0 (2G)

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Download Lost Light apk from google play

Download Lost Light apk from google play

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