Download Shining Beyond Apk Mod[No] v1.0.33

Download Shining Beyond Apk Mod[No] v1.0.33

If you’ve ever loved the popular RPG game “Valiant Force”, maybe you’ll want to keep exploring Shining Beyond APK, the newest game of XII Braves with a Valiant Force inspired universe.

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Introduce about Shining Beyond


Shining Beyond is where the heroic battles of many ages take place. The event began when the Dark King – the king of the Goblin, unleashed the full rage and power to destroy the Red Witch.

The following days were a scene of utter despair. With their queen robbed, the inhabitants of Feldria were powerless when the Red Witch’s generals stepped in to take her place, establishing a monarchy they called Emperius.

Under the banner of Emperius, war criminals, allies and children are enslaved during the war. The rest of Emperius must participate in the ongoing war.

As the kingdom sank into darkness and chaos, little sparks of struggle to preserve the light of hope are fading. The organized opposition groups rallied in an attempt to slow the Emperius Empire’s endless march. They are Warriors, Leaders and Fighters – people who came from a slave during the war.

Jake Galahad is the main character of this game. He was rescued by members of The Resistance from death. He overcame many difficulties to fight again, fighting against the very forces that once made him a slave.


Shining Beyond is not a place for the weak. It was like a battlefield, where only the strongest warriors can survive.

Download Shining Beyond Apk Mod[No] v1.0.33

Starting the fight, you will play as Jake Galahad and accompany him in the battle. That journey is very long and difficult. Sometimes, thousands of monsters and powerful bosses in the dungeon will make you fall. But you can ask for help from a friend or other teammates in the group. Working together and fighting will give you hope for a day when Shining Beyond is no longer oppressive.

In terms of gameplay, Shining Beyond is described as a game with role-playing style, combined with idle. You do not need to control the character to move everywhere, nor do you need to move and fight in detail. The character will automatically move to places where there are monsters, you just need to choose the skill for them to perform. If you do this automatically, you can also set the Auto mode to play as an idle game.


In the beginning, Jake Galahad was the only character that could play. He bears the characteristics of the Fighters class, with its sharp sword and insane fighting speed. There are other classes of characters, including Leader, Archer, Rogue, and Warrior. They also possess specialized abilities to give an advantage on the battlefield.

Download Shining Beyond Apk Mod[No] v1.0.33

In the future, as you pass some special stages of the story, you can unlock new characters. Of course, they can be merged with Jake Galahad’s team to fight with him, towards freedom and peace for the kingdom.

In general, the character system is designed quite in detail. They have skills, level and rank. As they fight more, they will evolve and you can track and rate your character through the BP rating point the system provides.

Beat the world bosses

Leading armies of monsters are bosses. Your team will have to face them to get the key to the next door and continue their journey in Shining Beyond.

Download Shining Beyond Apk Mod[No] v1.0.33

The final boss is very strong. They are not only capable of defense, but also equipped with extremely dangerous damage skills. If the player lacks vigilance, they will easily be defeated.

For that reason, try to gather resources and experience to develop your characters. They can also use support items like restoring HP for the party, increasing damage or defending for a short time.


The first thing that stunned me when entering the world of Shining Beyond was the incredible scenery. They are designed and polished to every detail. I felt like I was in a dungeon and that dark forest. Besides, you will immediately be attracted by the beautiful and unique character system. They are designed in an Anime style, exuding a cute look but also have a fierce expression in front of their enemies.

Finally, the sound system is also very impressive. The clashes and screams in the battle were faithfully reproduced, increasing the sense of fierceness.

Download Shining Beyond APK for Android

Shining Beyond though has not been officially released, but it has been expressed interest in many people using the Pre-register version. You can download the game on our website and start fighting.

Download Shining Beyond Apk Mod[No] v1.0.33 (2G)

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Download Shining Beyond apk from google play

Download Shining Beyond apk from google play

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