Download Videoleap Apk Mod[Pro Unlocked] v1.1.12

Videoleap provides powerful tools so you can edit videos right on your mobile device. With the MOD version that we provide, all features are available to assist you in creating the most unique and quality content.

  • Introduce about Videoleap
    • Easy adjustment
    • Mix videos
    • Eye-catching effect
    • Adjust frame by frame
    • Double Exposure
    • Output video quality
  • MOD APK version of Enlight Videoleap
    • MOD feature
  • Download Videoleap MOD APK for Android

Introduce about Videoleap

Video recording is easy, but when it comes to video editing, oh my, why is it so complicated. That’s why Videoleap amazes us so much. This is a surprisingly powerful video editing application that feels easy to use and familiar to users.

Videoleap’s interface is designed to be simple, with a set of toolbars that slide below your video timeline. However, don’t just look at the tiny icons and underestimate the toolkit in this app. These “small but mighty” assistants will really transform your videos. Here are the features that you definitely won’t want to miss.

Easy adjustment

Tap on a video you just imported (Import) from your media gallery to see the toolbar. If you’re used to using photo editing apps, you’ll immediately recognize some of these options. Filters add vibrant colors and effects, and the Adjust feature helps you tweak everything from the exposure to the contrast of the video. Just like with photo editing, just a small change is enough to make the video more impressive.

Download Videoleap Apk Mod[Pro Unlocked] v1.1.12Download Videoleap Apk Mod[Pro Unlocked] v1.1.12Download Videoleap Apk Mod[Pro Unlocked] v1.1.12

Mix videos

One of Videoleap’s most compelling features is the ability to overlay videos (or images) and then “blend” the two videos together using the Mixer tool. Try starting with a video with a very light or very dark background. Then mix the video with a photo or video featuring an ocean or urban skyline. You will get the same results as the green screen technique on Hollywood.

Eye-catching effect

You can add some unique nostalgic effects to your videos, such as noise or film grain. One of our favorite effects is Prism, which transforms the edges of the video. This effect will be maximized when you use video recording the subject in front of a colorful and detailed background. Whatever method of video editing you choose, Videoleap can almost guarantee that your work will be unique.

Adjust frame by frame

Enlight Videoleap has the ability to interfere with each frame, so you get the best video. For example, Tone Lab, this tool can split the video and change the color of the selection, or the whole frame. Just tap the diamond-shaped icon on the right side of the toolbar. The video will stop for you to choose the duration of the effect and the corresponding color values.

In case you want to repeat a certain value more than once, this is also easy with the third set keyframes option.

Double Exposure

Previously, when I wanted to create a video with a Double Exposure effect, I had to open Photoshop software on my computer and perform a series of steps to get the desired result. But now, I can do this quickly with Videoleap in three basic steps.

The first step, select the base video. Second step, tap on the Mixer tool, add a second video for the background and start the double exposure process. Select Fit in the Transform feature to align both videos to the same width. Then go back, tap on Blending and select Screen. There is a wide range of effects, and you can try them out to find satisfaction. If one of them has too much Opacity, adjust its parameter lower to make sure the frames don’t overlap.

The work can end here, but if you want your video to be more unique, insert one more video in the third step. The operations to be performed are similar to the second step. But instead of selecting Screen Option in Blending, choose Mirror to be able to adjust motion direction and Responsition. Moreover, when there are many overlapping frames, the colors are not clear, sometimes causing chaos when they are played at the same time. Therefore, you need to adjust the Opacity and contrast a bit. In addition, other modes in Blending such as Multiphy or Rectangle Mask are also worth a try.

Output video quality

For normal video editors, after the import and export process, the resolution is often reduced, causing the frames to be broken and no longer clear. But now, with Enlight Videoleap, it is no longer a problem. The products that Lightricks brings have never been of poor quality or have been reported by users as a bad experience.

In addition, it does not have watermarks to mark copyright. You can easily share post-production videos with friends and show off your professional editing.

MOD APK version of Enlight Videoleap

MOD feature

Pro Unlocked

Download Videoleap MOD APK for Android

Videoleap is a simple video editor in both design and use. Instructions and documents are available for your reference. Developers also regularly provide tutorial videos and idea generation to their users.

Download Videoleap Apk Mod[Pro Unlocked] v1.1.12 (82M)

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Download Videoleap apk from google play

Download Videoleap apk from google play

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