Download Facetune2 Apk Mod[Premium Unlocked] v2.8.2.1-free

Download Facetune2 Apk Mod[Premium Unlocked] v2.8.2.1-free

Facetune2 is a photo retouching app for Android with lots of powerful features to help you smooth your face. You can download the MOD APK (Premium) version of this app via the links below the article.

  • Introduce about Facetune2
    • This app is applied advanced technology
    • Adjust brightness with Relight
    • Apply Facetune2’s unique color filters
    • Some other features
  • MOD APK version of Facetune2
    • MOD feature
    • Why should you use Facetune2 Premium?
    • How to login?
  • Download Facetune2 MOD APK for Android

Introduce about Facetune2

Lightricks is a popular publisher with media editing applications like Lightleap, Motionleap, and Facetune2. Facetune2 is probably not new. It is a very useful photo-editing application that helps you get beautiful photos with just a few taps. If you take a selfie every day, you should have it on your Android device. The photo editing becomes easy and fast, helping you to keep the most memorable moments.

This app is applied advanced technology

Facetune2 is not a manual photo editing app. It applies advanced artificial intelligence technologies, and thanks to that, editing your photos will become much faster and more efficient. You can fine-tune the lips, eyes, and mouth areas through a slider. The application automatically detects facial features and layouts, then adjusts to the degree you desire.

The AI applied in Facetune2 is really effective. When a point on the face changes, for example, the eyes, other facial features such as the mouth and nose are also changed to give you the most natural look. This is what makes people love Facetune2. Instead of having to manually adjust each area of your face, the app does it for you.

Adjust brightness with Relight

If your photo lacks in brightness or the intensity of light is too high, the composition of the photo will deteriorate. Your face becomes unnatural. Facetune2 will, however, help you balance the brightness with the Relight feature.

Relight is very simple to use. You just need to adjust the sliders to move the light source, increase/decrease the light intensity of the overall image, and control the shadow effect. As a result, the photo will become brighter and more natural.

This is a new feature integrated into Facetune2. Not only helps you adjust brightness, Relight can also help you to brighten/whiten fixed spots such as teeth whitening, smooth skin. You can check the changes in the preview to see how different before and after the photo is edited.

Apply Facetune2’s unique color filters

Sometimes, your photos may not have the desired color. If you want to adjust the color and make it more natural, with a more unique style, use filters. Facetune2 has over 100 filters, with a wide range of topics. You can access and use them for free.

The filter is very simple to operate. They have been colored in certain proportions, accompanied by some lighting effects, animations. You just need to tap to apply a filter to the photo, then check the changes. If you are satisfied, click save to complete.

I love using filters. They give a quick result while allowing me to adjust the intensity (opacity between 0 and 100%) for a more natural look. However, not all filters are available. Enhanced filters are only available to users who have used the Premium pack.

Some other features

Facetune2 offers many other tools for you to edit your photos. You can crop to different proportions, retouch portraits with an airbrush, remove blemishes, smooth skin, and any facial blemishes. Brighten skin with Smooth for a softer look.

MOD APK version of Facetune2

MOD feature

Premium Unlocked

Why should you use Facetune2 Premium?

To have full access to hundreds of enhanced filters, Relight or Fix Shadow, users will have to subscribe to the Premium plan on a monthly or yearly basis. However, if you do not want to pay that fee, please use the MOD APK version we provide. All unlocked for your use.

How to login?

Login with Facebook only.

Download Facetune2 MOD APK for Android

Like Snapseed, Facetune2 uses artificial intelligence technology as the foundation for its development. This technology will make the process of editing photos quick, simple, and effective many times more naturally. And after a while of testing, Facetune2 did a great job at its job, getting good reviews from millions of users.

However, Facetune2 is not completely free like Snapseed, you will have to pay to use the full service that the app offers. Of course, you have another choice that is to use our MOD APK version.

Download Facetune2 Apk Mod[Premium Unlocked] v2.8.2.1-free (225M)

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Download Facetune2 apk from google play

Download Facetune2 apk from google play

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