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reg stone hoof, shakers


like golems and gargoyles, the earth shaker was once part of the earth, but now he can walk freely on the ground. unlike the existence of those entities, the earth shaker’s own will created him, and he does not need to submit to any master. in the restless slumber deep in the rocks, he felt the presence of free life in the world above. he was curious about it. during a period of earthquakes, an avalanche occurred at the rocking summit of the snow mountain of nissier, the flow path of the river changed, and the shallow valley became an unfathomable abyss. after the earth stopped shaking, the earth shaker came out of the sedimentary dust and shook off countless rocks like a blanket. he transformed into the form of a beast he imagined and called himself the reg stone hoof. now, the blood is flowing in his body, he breathes air, so he will die. but his spirit is still with the earth, and his power is in that magic totem that never leaves the body. the day he returns to dust, the earth will still welcome the prodigal son home.

basic properties:

strength: 22 + 2.5

agility: 12 + 1.4

intelligence: 16 + 1.8

health 568

mana 208

attack damage 46-56

armor 2.68

attacks per second 0.65

movement speed 300

field of view 1800/800

attack range melee

bounce speed instantly

attack action 0.467+0.863

cast action 0.69+0.5

attack speed 1.7


ranger network


slam the ground with a mighty totem, crack the ground in a straight line, stun and damage enemy units. create a rock ridge that cannot be passed.

distance: 1200

range: 225

gully duration: 8.0

damage: 125/175/225/275

cooldown: 15

demon: 125/140/155/170

ranger network

enhanced totem:

enhances the totem of the shakers and deals extra damage with the next attack.

duration: 14 seconds or 1 attack

attack boost: 75%/150%/225%/300%

cooldown: 7

demons: 50

ranger network


when cast a spell, the shaker causes a tremor under his feet, stuns nearby enemy units and deals additional damage.

range: 300

duration: 0.3/0.7/1.2/1.5

damage: 25/45/75/115

ranger network

echo strike:

blasters that cross the ground and damage enemy units. each attacked enemy brings a reflected wave that damages nearby units.

staff upgrade: the hero’s damage will be reflected twice.

range: 500

damage: 200/265/340

echo damage: 40/55/70

cooldown: 150/130/110

demon: 145/205/265

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