what is the dota27.31 version changelog? in addition to the new version of some data, there are a number of new content, such as new heroes, new skills, for details, let’s take a look at this dota 2 7.31 new hero new skills introduction. 1

dota2 7.31 new heroes new skills introduced

new hero: the beast

savagely clashing between friend and foe, the beast rushed into the battlefield like a natural turmoil. in any kind of battle, the beast is an unavoidable threat, he can punish the attacker, like to grab the prey and repeatedly pound the ground until only the meat paste is left on the battlefield.

wild zone update:

the arrival of the badger injects new wildness and strength into the wild monsters everywhere, no longer willing to accept punishment, these wild monsters have evolved into deadly guardians, bravely fighting back when the hero comes to call.

the wild area is now filled with new active and passive skills, just waiting for the unlucky or careless ghost to capsize in the gutter. be sure to be careful when walking between these camps. risk-reward is much scarier than ever.

bomberman redo:

after losing multiple contracts with potential teammates for “incoming calls,” twitter’s blast engineers have updated the tools in the blast box to make it easier for them to find opportunities on tough days.

finally understanding teamwork, the engineers brainstormed several bomb inventions, came up with new ways to bring joy and pain, and were equipped with more complete tools to show their strength in fierce battles. some of their livelihood tools may have changed, but the laughter of the terrible trio is still so contagious. 2

new skills:

sticky bomb new skill

the engineer throws a bomb truck at the target area. once the bomb truck lands near an enemy, it sticks to it, briefly slows down its movement, and then explodes.

new active shock skill

engineers trigger electric shocks, provide a movement speed bonus, and temporarily disarm their enemies. after the shock ends, the charge will explode, disarming enemies within range.

blast take off!

engineers fire themselves into mid-air, dealing high explosive damage to them and enemies when they land. what’s more, the impact no longer caused lethal damage to engineers.

induction mines

now it’s the ultimate skill for engineers. engineers plant deadly mines that only appear and explode when enemies approach.

new items:

undead brooch (actively use to attack enemies in the void), wraith ‘s deed (active use to place a movable totem that reduces attacks and skill damage to surrounding units), and forgiving boots (big green shoes, crafted from green shoes and war drums).

about dota2 7.31 new hero new skills for everyone to share, the new version has been updated, interested players can first update the latest version before continuing the game, i hope to help everyone play.

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