Download Marvel Super War Apk Mod[No] v3.16.2

Download Marvel Super War Apk Mod[No] v3.16.2

Marvel Super War APK – Do you love the superheroes of the Marvel Cinematic Universe? Currently, Avengers: End Game has been screened for a month, but the fever of Marvel superheroes has yet signs of cooling down. The film ends the story of some old superheroes and opens a new promising phase. We love you 3000, Iron Man!

  • About Marvel Super War
    • The combination of MOBA and MCU
    • Superheroes and villain of MCU
    • Rune system
    • Graphics
  • Download Marvel Super War APK for Android

About Marvel Super War

In June 2019, the mobile game project developed by NetEase called Marvel Super War officially released the Alpha version. Authorized by Marvel, they are allowed to use Marvel universe characters for a MOBA game. Currently, this game only allows trial play in some countries like India and some Southeast Asian countries.

The combination of MOBA and MCU

Indeed. The game still possesses the basic properties of a MOBA game. You will start a 5v5 match and deploy the team’s tactics. There are three main attack directions, including the Top Lane, Mid Lane, and Bottom Lane. Besides, the jungle area is extremely important because Jungle can put pressure on the rest of the map if he moves well.

Download Marvel Super War Apk Mod[No] v3.16.2

Teamwork is an important factor if you want to win. Currently, the game does not have many modes other than 5v5 matches. The ranking system has not been completed yet.

Superheroes and villain of MCU

Before starting the match, select your favorite characters in Picking Hero.

The character system is what makes the difference between Marvel Super War and other games of the same genre. The game brings together most of the characters in comics and movies, including superheroes and villains like Thor, Hulk, Captain America, … In Arena of Valor, we met some DC universe characters such as Batman, Superman, Flash, and Joker, so this game is a great opportunity for you to fight Marvel superheroes.

Download Marvel Super War Apk Mod[No] v3.16.2

The characters are divided into different classes, serving the player’s tactics. You can choose some basic classes such as Mage, Fighter, AD, Jungle, … Among the characters that have appeared, we know that Hawkeye will take over the position of AD Carry, Storm and Scarlet Witch is Mage on Mid Lane. Thor is a great fighter on the Top Lane, while Black Widow is a standard Assassin. In addition, the arrival of Guardians of The Galaxy members like Groot and Rocket will make this battle more interesting.

What was never on the movie version was that Avengers and X-Men characters returned to the same home in this game. Characters with close relationships can also face off against each other, the enemies may be comrades. This is also a test where you can compare the power between characters. Each match is a battle between heroes like the movie Captain America: Civil War, and you are the one who can affect the outcome of the match.

Rune system

Marvel Super War tries to bring balance into the game. There is no character overpower, the battle is solved by the team members’ skills and teamwork.

Download Marvel Super War Apk Mod[No] v3.16.2

In particular, the Rune system of other MOBA games has been removed. Instead, the buff system is open and completely free. There is no such thing as “pay to win”, your achievements and rankings are only obtained by the skills and spirit of a superhero.


Marvel Super War’s graphics are not much different from other MOBA mobile games. Beautiful 3D graphics with bright colors, various effects when superheroes use skills. There are many levels of graphics quality that help players adjust accordingly to their devices.

Download Marvel Super War Apk Mod[No] v3.16.2

The game has never had a Skin system for superheroes. Changing the appearance of a character is something that I and many players expect. Waiting for this feature in the upcoming updates.

Download Marvel Super War APK for Android

A great combination between the MCU universe and a MOBA game. Although only released in a short time, but Marvel Super War’s attraction is not small. If you’re a fan of Captain America or Iron Man, don’t hesitate to download this game to your phone. Join the war with superheroes, protect justice and peace for the universe.

Download Marvel Super War Apk Mod[No] v3.16.2 (2G)

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Download Marvel Super War apk from google play

Download Marvel Super War apk from google play

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