Free download Vitruvian vv2.0.46 for Android

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The description of Vitruvian AppThe V-Form Trainer is revolutionizing resistance training with smart, adaptive technology.Vitruvian Form is a serious game-changer in the world of smart fitness. Unlock an entire gym workout with a light, sleek carbon fibre platform. The innovative, intelligent hardware provides a world of choice: lifting, PT sessions and classes in your own home.All without the weight racks and by connecting you to some of the world’s best trainers. Train safely and efficiently with a device that knows your capabilities, pushes you to achieve fitness goals, and spots your every move.The simple 25kg (55lb) device can provide resistance for up to 200kg (450lb) max lifts. But the beauty is that you can train efficiently and effectively like the pros at much lower weight loads, especially in the eccentric training mode.- Create a personal profile- Customise favourite workouts- Track performance data- See and feel the impact of micro-gains- Set and forget – leave the weight tweaks to the device- Come back to where you left off- Share progress and fitness goals

Free download Vitruvian vv2.0.46 for Android

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