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Publish Date 08/06/2021
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Draw your sword

Draw your sword Game Introduction :

◆ 1. The \”iron game\” full of strategy, the \”Summer Hair Salon\” of the Handicapped Party;
◆ 2. Play unique \”Meat Pigeon\” or \”Tower Climbing\” games;
◆ 3. The game background of \”Benge Wuxia\”, a river and lake full of conspiracy and desire;
◆ 4. The first work of the \”Martial Arts Story Series\” of \”Fifty Games\”;

◆Story background:

◆Knife idiot

In the arena, there is an evil and unknown excellent knifesmith who calls himself a \”knife idiot.\”

It took three years to make the first knife, and another three years to make the second knife and the third knife. It took less than three days.

The first knife. Explore the world’s rare materials, use East China Sea fine iron as the blade, the northern century-old purple phoebe wood as the scabbard, and use the golden jade from the miasma of the south as the handle. The name is \”Linjiao Fengmao\”, weighing 12 catties and 62 taels .

The second knife. It is made of ordinary iron, weighing seven catties and four hundred and thirty dollars. Just before building this knife, it took three years to hit the same handle a thousand times, and the same blade ten thousand times, repeating it day and night. Then all these were burned to become this sword, named \”Wan Dao Ku\”.

The third knife. Dao Zhan looked at the fire in a daze, suddenly babbled, laughed, jumped up to pick up the tool, and the knife was successful in less than three days. It\’s just that for the past three days, the \”knife idiot\” did not eat, drink or sleep, just staring at the knife in his hand. On the day of the sword, the \”knife idiot\” was seriously ill. It took three years to get out of bed, but his hands were trembling, and he might not be able to make a sword for life. The knife was short and narrow, weighing three catties and four or two dollars, and was named \”chi\”.

All the goals of the remaining life of \”Knife Maniac\” are to let the world know about the three knives he made.

Maybe it\’s that easy, the sword is rare, and the swordsman who can stand up is even rarer.

At this time, the \”Hundred Dao Pu\” appeared on the rivers and lakes.

So he began to pick young people and give them the knife.

If they can enter the top ten of the \”Hundred Dao Pu\”, then it will be done.

If it doesn\’t work, take the knife back and wait for the next young man.

Our story begins here.

◆Hundred Dao Pu

\”Hundred Swordsmen\” is a book compiled by \”Facebook Bookstore\”. It will be re-edited every month. It records the 100 most powerful swordsmen in the world today.

Is there any secret in \”Hundred Dao Pu\”?
Is there any secret in \”Facebook Bookstore\”?

When the east is white, everything will surface.

Draw your sword Game screenshot :

Draw your sword

Draw your sword

Draw your sword

Draw your sword

Draw your sword

Draw your sword (73.1MB)

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