Download Moments: Choose Your Story Apk Mod[No] v1.1.16

Download Moments: Choose Your Story Apk Mod[No] v1.1.16

When I found Moments: Choose Your Story APK, I had a feeling like discovering a whole mysteric world. This game will bring you through many emotions from happiness to frightness corresponding to romantic and scary stories. Download now if you don’t want your time passing by in sorrow because of quarantine.

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    • What is the charm of Moments: Choose Your Story?
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Introduce about Moments: Choose Your Story

The Adventures of Love

What is the charm of Moments: Choose Your Story?

Moments: Choose Your Story is a game that combines novel reading and interactive simulation. Players will be part of hundreds of romance novels. Following the details of the story, you will also have the opportunity to make your own choices and lead yourself to a separate ending. To begin with, no one knows how things will turn out. The story is yours and the ending belongs only to you.

Anyone who has ever played this type of game will know the best part is in the plot. The tracking of its progress is only about 50%, the rest is divided equally among the factors: doing what your heart tells you, living true to your heart and experiencing the thrill when adventure in love stories. That’s the amazing appeal of an interactive novel game like Moments: Choose Your Story.


When playing this game, you will be able to choose the shape of the character you want to incarnate such as body, skin color, face, hair, eyes… After that, choose the story you want to read. At that time, you will transform into the main character with the chosen visualization and begin to dive into the emotional game. In each story you will meet and get to know a lot of characters. They are good friends, family members, lovers, love rivals, competitors in the marketplace… Almost all the interesting relationships in life that can be faced are in the romance novels of Moments: Choose Your Story.

The gameplay is simply choosing the character and following the story. To important situations, the game will offer two choices. You choose one of them and resume the events after that until the end. The ending will be the summation of the results of the previous selections. It’s usually the style of continuing or ending a romantic relationship with an unexpected twist. But thanks to it, you can realize Ah fortunately, I didn’t pair up with this guy before or Oh, what a pity such an ideal person but i hesitated to accept him.

Anyways, Moments: Choose Your Story will also give you a lot of rich ups and downs throughout the story. The ending may or may not be satisfying, but it is the natural outcome that will come when you live by heart, listen to your emotions, and freely decide everything.

The common point of these stories is that there is always a moment of sudden love. It is not simply between a man and a woman but a love triangle, sometimes a homosexual love story. The choices will often revolve around these romantic and strain situations. Should you be brave to seize it or let the opportunity pass? And when it’s not love, will friendship still exist, or will it also disappear? Or am I just one of his or her choices, should I believe it?

Nice story with attractive graphics

The static 2D graphics of Moments: Choose Your Story are just the wallpaper and characters with corresponding dialog box. However, the most important part is that the content of the novels in Moments: Choose Your Story makes me quite satisfied. It’s not sensational, not too fancy and does not have too many spooky stories to scare people. The love stories here are meant to let you relive the romantic moments of your lives. There is a twist plot and a little bit of interweaving, but the end is still about love.

The main character options from the beginning of the game are also good. In Moments: Choose Your Story, there are many characters shape options from Europe to Asia. Feel free to choose anyone that suit your style. It’s great to start like that.

Download Moments: Choose Your Story APK for Android

This interactive novel game is gentle and close without overdoing it. Just play the character and read the story, to relive the sweet moments in life. It will be perfect game for your freetime.

Download Moments: Choose Your Story Apk Mod[No] v1.1.16 (144M)

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Download Moments: Choose Your Story apk from google play

Download Moments: Choose Your Story apk from google play

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