Download Jekyll & Hyde Apk Mod[Unlimited Money, Unlocked Full] v2.10.0

Download Jekyll & Hyde Apk Mod[Unlimited Money, Unlocked Full] v2.10.0

In my point of view, a good puzzle game must first have a captivating plot, logical progression and thrilling details, then a quality puzzle, brainstorming and thought-provoking. Jekyll & Hyde MOD APK seems to have all these factors together.

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Introduce about Jekyll & Hyde

Chasing clues from crimes and unraveling the mystery!


Jekyll & Hyde is based on the novel of the same name and is one of the puzzle games that hits hard in the world because of its dark, thrilling plot along with many twists and turns.

The story in Jekyll & Hyde revolves around two main characters: Doctor Jekyll and a man named Hyde living in 19th century London. They are connected in a strange way by chases and a shocking mystery that tie the whole episode together. Starting off by depicting the difference between two people of two classes, two different worlds will make you curious. Doctor Jekyll belongs to the upper class, respected for his work and leads a decent life, while Hyde is a bad guy and quite perverted when he always finds a sense of salvation when killing people.

Download Jekyll & Hyde Apk Mod[Unlimited Money, Unlocked Full] v2.10.0

The whole game is a related sequence of these two characters with the events, the deaths, and the side characters. Your brain will have to experience new things a few dozen times before reaching the destination and deciphering all the secrets.

(Emphasis: this part contains spoilers.)

Our doctor Jekyll had it all but was always frustrated because he must live according to the rigid framework around. He also wondered how a person would live if he separated the Evil and the Good parts. One day, he thought of a drug that could do that. So, Jekyll is the Good version, and Hyde is the ultimate Bad version.

At first, he was just planning to do a small experiment to let his soul live freely without any strings attached. But everything went too far.

Hyde did murder in the end with a cruel, morbid way, and then took pleasure in it. Jekyll began to panic and tried to save the situation. He confessed everything to one of his two close friends, Lanyon (the other being Utterson). Before Lanyon could do anything, he was killed by the Bad part, Hyde.

In a narrow escape, Jekyll decided to lock himself in the laboratory to slowly die, in order to prevent Hyde from doing terrible things. Jekyll eventually committed suicide in the form of Hyde. At this moment, the other best friend, Utterson, ran over. Finding two letters left by two close friends (one from Jekyll, the other from Lanyon), Utterson understood all the reasons, and decided to burn these two letters so that the truth would be buried forever.


The game is quite short, full of brain hacks that make the player initially fall into the matrix of not knowing who Hyde is and who Jekyll is. So instead of spending time to get to know, you can put all your heart into playing this game to the end, and then expose everything yourself.

Puzzles in Jekyll & Hyde take many forms. But the best to me is the part of reading the letter and finding the password. Ranked last is the obstacle because the move is going wrong is quite annoying. In general, the layout and the manipulation when solving the puzzle are done neatly and comfortably (except for the obstacle course). Everything is at your fingertips, just a touch can be manipulated. The remaining problem is just inference in the head and ability to connect events of each person.

Download Jekyll & Hyde Apk Mod[Unlimited Money, Unlocked Full] v2.10.0

You’ll wander around the conventional London landscape to find objects or characters with Magnifying Glass or Exclamation Mark symbols to track down clues. Clues will be followed by additional witnesses and hints in the game. Your task is to rely on the original and additional clues to find the solution to each puzzle and complete many missions for yourself.

Sometimes you cannot understand and want to get more hints, you can take advantage of a Pay Split. Players will have a total of three free cups of tea, drink in and get the answer immediately without brain damage.

Jekyll & Hyde is also good at displaying Timeline. You will be able to rewind to recall past developments in the story. A few key mysteries are also partially revealed through this timeline.

And if you’re still afraid you’ll miss something valuable in the details, Jekyll & Hyde offers a Diary feature. This will help you save the lines, or expensive narratives, which can be taken out and pondered from time to time to connect with each other.

Playing this game is like reading a horror detective book, as well as an adventure into the dark land of the soul.

Graphics and sound

All images in the game are designed in accordance with the aristocratic standards of the 19th century. Each character is sharply created and has a lot of inner feelings, angular facial lines and exudes a typical charisma. All movements in the game are hand-drawn with the main color tone being black, white, and gray as the story you will experience.

Download Jekyll & Hyde Apk Mod[Unlimited Money, Unlocked Full] v2.10.0

All the ups and downs of you when playing the game are also combined with melodious, sad songs and sometimes with the breath of threat and death. The music always follows the game situation. Playing a horror puzzle game like this, you will mostly focus on the puzzles and sounds. Your mood will change according to the music.

MOD APK version of Jekyll & Hyde

MOD features

  • V1: Unlimited Money
  • V2: Unlocked Full

Download Jekyll & Hyde APK & MOD for Android

Do you still have a ton of curiosity about this Jekyll & Hyde game? Let’s save it, so that when playing the game, you can enjoy every moment. If you love puzzles, horror, mystery, or detective stories, try to play Jekyll & Hyde. You will definitely not regret!

Download Jekyll & Hyde Apk Mod[Unlimited Money, Unlocked Full] v2.10.0 (219M)

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Download Jekyll & Hyde apk from google play

Download Jekyll & Hyde apk from google play

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