Download GETCHA GHOST Apk Mod[Unlimited Money] v2.0.88

Download GETCHA GHOST Apk Mod[Unlimited Money] v2.0.88

GETCHA GHOST MOD APK combines adventure and role-playing elements and classic match 3 puzzles on a unique ghost summoning concept.

  • Introduce about GETCHA GHOST
    • Summon ghosts from everywhere
    • Gameplay
    • More and more challenging
    • Graphics and sound
  • MOD APK version of GETCHA GHOST
    • MOD feature
  • Download GETCHA GHOST APK & MOD for Android

Introduce about GETCHA GHOST

Catch ghosts and use good ghosts to kill evil ones. Match-3 has never been funnier!

Summon ghosts from everywhere

“Getcha Ghost” means “Got you, ghost”. Just the name says the whole main idea of ​​this strange but equally interesting game. You play the role of a powerful mage capable of defeating ghosts. The village you live in is in danger. Your task is to summon ghosts from all over the place and use them to fight more evil, aggressive ghosts/monsters.

Ghost hunts begin. Once you enter the first match then capture the first ghosts and experience the first colorful match 3, you will not be able to stop. The game progress and the excitement from the small details will continuously pull your leg.

You can play GETCHA GHOST alone against the machine or play in real-time 1vs1 mode with friends or other players. There is also a Giant Ghost mode where you will fight a series of massive bosses appearing in the game.


Let’s take a look at the summary of the main surprising features before going into details:

  • Ghost hunting with the phone camera
  • Unlimited resource rewards
  • Conquering sage and weak ghosts to join the force. Use this formation to fight ferocious ghosts.

The first is the magic ghost hunting mechanism. This game has AR technology, which few mobile games dare to make because of the complexity of the design. With modern AR, players can catch ghosts by using the phone’s camera to take pictures. When you spot any ghosts loitering around the screen, take them a picture! Immediately those ghosts will be captured in your ghost store, enriching your good ghost collection. From now on, they are yours. You have full use of power.

Next is how GETCHA GHOST leads players from capturing ghosts to fighting demons. To fight demons, you need to continuously catch more ghosts for your inventory. For example, the first line of ghosts that you can easily conquer is called Shinbi. At first, there is only one in your hand. This one helps you defeat a weak demon first. You will then be invited to a match 3. Solve these match 3 puzzles, and you will gain more new ghosts depending on the number of blocks dropped. Shibi Goblin needs 5-6 blocks, Shinbi Mark needs 7-8 blocks, Shibi Bat needs 9-10 blocks. There are also Energy-type rewards to increase the strength of the troops. As in this case, if you connect 11-13 blocks of the same color, you will get 1 Ghost Energy. Even ghosts can be equipped with additional weapons through these match 3 challenges. As in the same example, by disappearing at the same time 14 blocks of the same color or more, you will get a Shibi’s Yoyo as a weapon.

When match 3 starts, it’s also when the new battlefield comes out. The screen is divided into 2 parts. The part above is the battleground of your faction and the devil’s faction. The demon is waiting in the right corner of the screen. Most of the remaining screen (vertically) is a match 3 with the reward symbols corresponding to the blocks I just mentioned above. When you delete several blocks, the corresponding new ghost will appear to launch an attack on the other side. The more attacks that come out, the higher the possibility to kill the devil. Gold coins will fly into your pocket continuously. And of course, victory will also come very quickly.

More and more challenging

The above is just the first level. Later, match 3 is more difficult, and the number of blocks required is also much more. The demons above are no longer standing still but they will counterattack quite quickly. If you are slow for a second, you can be defeated. The only way you should do this time is to focus on match 3, choose the ghosts or strong weapons to fight first, and attack quickly from the beginning to let the demons lose the advantage. But remember to watch out for the match-3 part, if the blocks all rise high and get stuck there, you’ll die too.

All the while, everything is increasing in speed, forcing you to try to act, have flexible hand movements, and quick strategic thinking in sending troops to battle. So, a match can end quickly. But inside that is a process of tireless efforts from players. Winning GETCHA GHOST is therefore easy to say, but difficult to achieve.

Graphics and sound

GETCHA GHOST uses colorful 2D graphics. The idea involves a variety of different ghost species, but they are not scary at all. On the contrary, they look so funny. Especially the image of good ghost friends, super quite cute.

The colors of the match 3 screens are also quite good, not too colorful but enough to make players always feel new. The effect of attacks on the devil in combat is very attractive. It lights up the whole screen. The demons are weaker after each attack, making the player happy.


MOD feature

Unlimited Money

Download GETCHA GHOST APK & MOD for Android

In general, if you want to play match-3 entertainment games that have a little more difficulty, hardship, or a topic like ghosts, then GETCHA GHOST is the best. Those who are interested can download the game to play right here at this link.

Download GETCHA GHOST Apk Mod[Unlimited Money] v2.0.88 (317M)

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Download GETCHA GHOST apk from google play

Download GETCHA GHOST apk from google play

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