Download ROCKMAN X DiVE Apk Mod[God Mode] v4.2.0

Download ROCKMAN X DiVE Apk Mod[God Mode] v4.2.0

ROCKMAN X DiVE MOD APK from CAPCOM TAIWAN is a side-scrolling-style mobile game inspired by the popular MegaMan series of the past. You will not only find the nostalgia of the old days but also head to a modern fighting world that is more thrilling than ever.

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    • What we already know
    • And what’s new?
    • Gameplay and hero characters
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Introduce about ROCKMAN X DiVE

The Rockman Hero has reached a new level


Coming to ROCKMAN X DiVE, you will enter the digital 2.0 Deep Deep Log world, where the timeline and events that once existed in Mega Man’s history are turned upside down (in people, events, and progress). Your mission is to fix the errors in the timeline, prevent any intentional interference of the dark forces, wipe out the Mavericks and return everything to the way it was.

Download ROCKMAN X DiVE Apk Mod[God Mode] v4.2.0

What we already know

In this version, we will meet again almost all the characters in the old series that have been so famous. The old maps are now present with a nicer and more polished appearance. Everything else, from the gameplay to the feel and the way to fight, remains unchanged. The system of control buttons can also be zoomed in and out like in the classic MegaMan series. The whole feeling of quickness of the old battle scenes now remains the same, even raises up a level.

And what’s new?

First of all, our legendary MegaMan still has Dash, jump, buster, and saber moves and can change between different ammo types. Now it is added with an automatic 360-degree firing mode and some other powerful weapons like the Sigma Death’s sickle with the ability to tear enemies into hundreds of pieces at the speed of milliseconds. In front of a Rockman holding a gun or a sickle, who is both more beautiful, more majestic than before, you can only utter one word: Incredible!

The characters from the main to the supporting are all familiar names, but now they are in the new appearance which is much bolder and more modern thanks to the latest updated 3D technology.

Gameplay and hero characters

On the first screen, you will control the character X. Later on, you will open Axl or Zero, or Vile. Each character can level up and has their own abilities and weapon upgrades. The more times you use the character and weapon, the higher the chance of upgrading.

The gameplay remains the same: you choose the game screen and then go to fight each of the small robots, move carefully to overcome obstacles, and then finally encounter the giant boss. If you defeat it, you will get a power-up chip and collect the boss’s skills for yourself. All the characters can do this. But note that each chip obtained from the boss will have its own activation and destructive power, so how to use them for how long depends on each person’s tactical mind.

Download ROCKMAN X DiVE Apk Mod[God Mode] v4.2.0

Don’t worry about not getting used to it when you switch from an old game console to a mobile device. Because in the beginning, the game will show you a series of necessary detailed instructions on the buttons, how to manipulate, and how to combine to create the most reasonable movements or attacks. Even when the boss appears, there is also a notice board stating the boss’s skills so that you can easily dodge its bullets during the battle.

And to compensate for a few minor inadequacies in the control of character movement (due to switching from game consoles to mobile devices), the developer has favored the game’s characters with a few small “grace”. For example, some small tweaks make it easier to play on the map, or the change of the traps’ damage keeps you from dying immediately when you fall into a trap…

This is also the first time the RockmanX series has introduced a thrilling Coop mode so you can go through every scene with your friends and complete the most difficult levels together. In Versus mode, you will use your trained and upgraded characters to unleash skills and defeat enemies on the way.

Graphics and sound

I must admit that the graphics are a shining achievement. For those who have an infinite love for the MegaMan series but were forced to leave it because of the too-old graphics, now they can return their childhood memories with this game. Everything is designed in an impressive 3D environment. The character is so beautiful that every time Rockman changes his armor, it can make you flutter.

Download ROCKMAN X DiVE Apk Mod[God Mode] v4.2.0

The game is also integrated with motion optimization technology for smoother, faster, and more vivid actions. At first, changing “click” to “touch” operation on mobile can make you a bit confused. But once you get used to it, every move of the character can be done as gently as the wind, and the attacks can rush like a storm.

Sound effects and visuals effects blend very smoothly, leading your happiness from one realm to another. Each shot from the hero’s gun can brighten up a corner of the screen. The Boss’s revenge attacks are equally powerful, making the entire fight take place in a crisp and resonant scene.


MOD feature

God Mode

Download ROCKMAN X DiVE MOD APK for Android

If you have played MegaMan and are looking for a piece of old memories with new graphics, modern and faster gameplay, you must download ROCKMAN X DiVE to play right away! The hero Rockman is now not only super beautiful but also more powerful than ever.

If you don’t believe it, open the game to try it out and see Rockman’s machine gun series.

Download ROCKMAN X DiVE Apk Mod[God Mode] v4.2.0 (52M)

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Download ROCKMAN X DiVE apk from google play

Download ROCKMAN X DiVE apk from google play

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