Download I am Archer MOD APK v1.1.16(Money)

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I am Archer Introduction</h2

You only have one bow at the start of the game. All equipments are earn by playing. You need to set up your teams and fight against your enemy in the endless way to death.★ You can enhance your main archer, only he can get the start advantages.★ Beat you enemy to death, you can receive enemy. You can use this energy to summon your own team.★ One your enemy team suppress you, it is difficult to win the battle, would you like to try?★ Your have 17 different troops the choose.★ Destroy the enemy's home sculpture to win.★ You can get diamonds in endless mode, the probability is about 1%.★ Do not use all your energy in endless mode, because once your team have entered the Enemy's Magic Gate, they will betray you and become to the White Army.

Download I am Archer MOD APK v1.1.16(Money)

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