Download Guns of Mercy Apk Mod[Unlimited Money] v2.1.5

Download Guns of Mercy Apk Mod[Unlimited Money] v2.1.5

Guns of Mercy – Shoot ‘Em Up (MOD Unlimited Money/Gems) is a retro-style arcade game. It is hard to ignore an extremely unique product from Storybird publisher.

  • Introduce about Guns of Mercy
    • Story
    • Gameplay
    • Items and rewards
    • Graphics and sound
  • Information about the MOD version
    • MOD features
  • Overview

Introduce about Guns of Mercy

Perhaps everyone knows the 90s was the golden age of shooting games, opening the foundation for the development of games of the same genre later. While the current game market is gradually saturated with modern shooting games, Storybird is proud to launch the latest game called Guns of Mercy and it has been highly evaluated by many other famous publishers. This is a game combining shooting and fighting style Retro, suitable for gamers who love the classic action games.


Guns of Mercy opens a fantasy scene when the Earth is in the future 20XX years. It has turned into a vast wasteland, full of hatred with endless wars. After the wars against the alien invaders, the beautiful cities, plains or peaceful lands were seriously destroyed to the point where they could not live. In order to survive and escape the destruction that comes from the enemies, humanity has moved down underground. Then, they look for a way to bring peace inherent to the Earth. However, aliens have discovered them. The war once again occurred, and perhaps it will determine the existence of humanity.


Guns of Mercy has realistic graphics and interesting storylines, unique when compared to other Arcade games of the same genre. With simple gameplay, with the same goal as other games, players need to perform missions, destroy the enemies in their way and complete quests to earn more unique rewards. The missions in this game are considered to be quite challenging for the player, as the number of enemies has been increased many times and this means more death for you.

Now, wars have the appearance of new enemies along with many dangerous machines and deadly creatures. It’s hard for you to know what is waiting for you ahead.

When talking about controls, you can easily control your character with the touch buttons on the screen. Moving left and right is shown by icons on the left side of the screen and on the right is a navigation bar, allowing the player to align the shooting direction (within 180 degrees). Also in difficult levels, players need to destroy enemies as quickly as possible to prevent unexpected counterattacks. Move to the “jump” buttons scattered along the way to jump up or down. Dodge and prioritize destroying dangerous enemies first.

One level often has a large number of enemies, so the key for the player to win is to react quickly and remember the attacks from their side. From there, you can come up with better coping options. If sophisticated enough, it is easily recognized that the attack of the enemies may look complicated but they are programmed to attack in a loop with certain tactics. So, build a more optimal strategy to go further.

Items and rewards

With over 100 different levels and missions to complete, Guns of Mercy offers players a collection of items.

Initially, players can use some weak guns. As you pass more levels, you will unlock better equipment. Especially in battles, players can collect more power-up items. They appear randomly and use them to help players attack faster, fire more bullets or have additional protective shields over a period of time. Completing levels players will be rewarded with gold and gems. In particular, gold to buy weapons at the store, while gems to upgrade the ability of the character.

Graphics and sound

Guns of Mercy has retro-style graphics with colorful designs. The main characters and villains are meticulously designed, creative with unique skills. This gives players a new feeling, not be bored during the experience.

All of this combined with a unique set of sounds such as the sound of a bomb explosion, or the sound of weapons that turn the game into a colorful symphony. In addition, there are many other interesting tunes, they will be unlocked in each level.

Information about the MOD version

MOD features

Unlimited Money: When opening the game, you will have unlimited money and gems, enough for you to unlock or upgrade anything in the game.


Guns of Mercy is a fun, unique and somewhat “crazy” game. It certainly will not disappoint players. If you are interested in this game, please download the game via the link below the article.

Download Guns of Mercy Apk Mod[Unlimited Money] v2.1.5 (69M)

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Download Guns of Mercy apk from google play

Download Guns of Mercy apk from google play

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