Download Cookies Must Die Apk Mod[Unlimited Money] v2.0.4

Download Cookies Must Die Apk Mod[Unlimited Money] v2.0.4

Are you looking for a game that is extremely fast-paced, funny, plays extremely well, and has a unique highlight? We invite you to try Cookies Must Die MOD APK, one of the few successful games that use skillful slow-motion effects.

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  • Download Cookies Must Die APK & MOD for Android

Introduce about Cookies Must Die

A fast-paced high-speed combat adventure game that uses slow motion effectively!

Slow-motion is a difficult technique for game developers. It is a fun but difficult skill for players to control. If successfully applied from both sides of the developer and player, it will make the game fun and strange. But if not, it will become a disaster. Among the rare games that dare to come up with this “trick”, Cookies Must Die is an example of a successful game.


One day, the delicious and lovely cookies we eat every day suddenly became giant. They became ferocious, they could think, act, and began to persecute humans. There have been many innocent people trapped by this army of cookies. You are the last hope of the world, a completely talented spy. You will set out to save people from the evil cookies.

Download Cookies Must Die Apk Mod[Unlimited Money] v2.0.4

You possess a special ability that no one else has: the ability to Slow down time. In addition, you can also have a lot of unexpected flexible movements to be able to overcome hundreds of obstacles and a variety of dangerous modern weapons hidden in storage. With these three tools, you confidently set out to save humanity.

Wherever you go in the world of Cookies Must Die, you will constantly jump, shoot decisive bullets, slow the time to get your advantage, and then make the cookie army explode. 

Overcoming many difficult stages in the factory, you will advance to the outer city to rescue people who are imprisoned.


Your mission in Cookies Must Die is to destroy as many delicious desserts as possible. You must stop them before they overflow and destroy the whole world.

Download Cookies Must Die Apk Mod[Unlimited Money] v2.0.4

Talking about manipulation, Cookies Must Die is quite easy to play. Just by touching, swiping the screen in different left and right directions, you will easily control spy Jack. You will also quickly get so much fun every time you explode a cookie into a hundred pieces. But of course, it’s fun to look at and it’s easy to manipulate, but to go long, go deep and destroy more and more things in this game, it’s so challenging.


Because Cookies Must Die relies entirely on fast on-screen actions and character timing-control mechanics. Managing a multitude of high-speed actions and controlling the time not only helps players have a unique game experience but is also a big challenge. You will feel like you have to split your mind. It takes a while (short or long depending on the gamer) to get used to it.

However, once you get used to it, you can easily become addicted because its gameplay and rhythm are too catchy, crazy but thoughtful, and fun.

The most interesting thing in this game, to me, is the mechanism to slow down  time. You’ll shoot at chocolates, colorful jellies, aggressive cookie soldiers, and then slow down time to keep up the momentum to jump, shoot melee and destroy all the delicious food in the factory. Every time slow-motion takes effect, you will aim easier, hit more and faster.

Download Cookies Must Die Apk Mod[Unlimited Money] v2.0.4

In addition to fast-paced combat, Cookies Must Die also requires you to find one or more keys to open the gates. Each time you find it, you will complete the level and pass to new scenes, and open new challenges. Usually, before you get to the key or the gate, you’ll have to go through a matrix of curves and tunnels that are the most challenging at that level. When you get used to it and go to higher levels, it feels like the terrible curves at the end of each screen are similar. But thanks to the ever-changing weapons and the cookies and obstacles being also made different (at least in color) so it’s not too boring.

Upgrade mechanism

During the game, you can also find items or accumulate points to upgrade weapons and strength for the character. From a single-shot gun to a multi-barreled gun firing a series of bullets everywhere, from jumping one step to jumping two or three steps at the same time. As your skills and weapons upgrade, the cookie matrix becomes more and more unpredictable and confusing.

MOD APK version of Cookies Must Die

MOD features

  • Unlimited Money
  • Free Chest


You get a lot of coins after receiving from chests.

You need to wait 3 hours to open the chest? Try opening it now!

Download Cookies Must Die APK & MOD for Android

Cookies Must Die is a beautiful, high-speed battle game with fun visuals and plot. Yeah, the explosive effect is so excellent. The slow-motion mechanism is too attractive although it is slightly repetitive in levels from half the game onwards. But in general, this is a fast-paced mobile game that is so worth playing, especially for those of you who like to enjoy slow motion like me. 

Download Cookies Must Die Apk Mod[Unlimited Money] v2.0.4 (115M)

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Download Cookies Must Die apk from google play

Download Cookies Must Die apk from google play

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