Download Captor Clash Apk Mod[No] v0.1.2

Download Captor Clash Apk Mod[No] v0.1.2

An extreme action RPG combo game called Captor Clash APK has arrived at APKMODY. When participating, players will experience breathtaking matches. Currently, the game is in beta and only launched in Asia.

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Introduce about Captor Clash

The game is published by Studio Trois Private Limited. The story takes place on a planet in another universe. Humanity has discovered many technologies in the ancient ruins and has made a great progress. It is because it is so powerful that it has caused many disputes and wars all over the world. Right now, you will transform into a hero standing up against evil. In a world filled with betrayal and shrouded in darkness, you need to find yourself true allies and uncover the truth behind your lost memories.


The gameplay of this game is quite simple. You need to form a squad of up to 3 members to participate in the battle. The left key is the button to move the character and the right is the button to launch basic attacks and skills. During the match, you can change heroes when encountering enemies or being seriously injured. Each hero has his own weapon and set of skills. Your task is to destroy all enemies with your fighting ability.

Download Captor Clash Apk Mod[No] v0.1.2

To perform continuous combos is also very simple, you just need to repeatedly press the normal attack button or combine them with your skills. The core is that you have to attack continuously to keep the enemy floating in the air. In addition, you can change characters midway to create more combos.


Currently, the game only has 6 heroes ranked from C to A. C-class characters include Crow and Selene Willow. Rank B has Anika and Crow – Broadsword, and rank A has Beblade and Hathor. To own a character, you need to earn character pieces. 10 pieces to unlock 1 rank C character, 30 pieces for B rank and 60 pieces for A rank. Crow and Anika are two free characters that the system gives away for you.

Download Captor Clash Apk Mod[No] v0.1.2


During the process of passing, you will receive money and materials to upgrade the heroes. In addition to upgrading characters and equipment, you also have a God’s Blueprint system that helps you increase strength quickly. The material needed to upgrade God’s Blueprint is Hanno, the in-game currency. Another ingredient is a Memory Fragment, which you can obtain through passing levels. It is well worth your investment because it not only increases the stats of a character but your entire squad.

What I feel is good about this game is to upgrade the general equipment, not install equipment for each character. You have a Gear Box that gradually unlocks when you reach a certain level. The materials to upgrade are Hanno and Ancient Shard, both of which are obtained through passing levels. Besides, the game also has a pet and mecha system. As you equip them and upgrade them, your character also becomes stronger.


Adventure, also known as pass mode. Your energy is mainly used to play this mode. When exceeding a certain milestone, the system will open new features. Through it you can also earn Hanno and materials to upgrade the character. The next mode that I want to introduce to you is PVP, including two modes Arena (real-time) and Tournament (automatic).

Download Captor Clash Apk Mod[No] v0.1.2

Arena is a real-time and fair battle mode. You will meet other players and show off your fighting skills in a 3 vs 3 battle. As for the Tournament, you just need to choose an opponent and the match is completely automatic.


Captor Clash has a 3D graphics platform, but in combat, it is only designed in a 2D horizontal screen style. The developer has invested a lot in shaping the character, so in this respect, it can’t be faulted. However, the character’s movements are still very “hard”, not flexible, the effects are not beautiful. And the biggest minus point is not yet optimized. Therefore, for the best experience, you should limit 60FPS and adjust the graphics to the lowest level.

Download Captor Clash APK for Android

Captor Clash has the potential to attract players. Currently, the game has only been released on CH Play of 3 countries: Indonesia, Vietnam and the Philippines. However, you can also download the game on APKMODY via the link below. Join the game and become the hero protecting the planet from war.

Download Captor Clash Apk Mod[No] v0.1.2 ()

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Download Captor Clash apk from google play

Download Captor Clash apk from google play

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