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DotA 2 will have Channeling Bars

DotA 2 Channeling BarsOnce again, Valve showed a sneak peek of DotA 2 by ‘accidentally’ posting DotA 2 recent patch notes at Team Fortress 2 official website. This time it seems, they did that on purpose to create hype about their new game which was pretty expected. These patch notes reveals that DotA 2 has reached the current changes of DotA v6.72d and mentions the implementation of Channeling bars, a totally new concept. Continue reading ‘DotA 2 will have Channeling Bars’

DotA 2 Beta Leaked Changelogs

Dota 2 news on steamValve’s game store, Steampowered had a security flaw which allowed DotA 2 updates to viewed publicly without any restrictions. A fellow fan did some deep searches on the website, he found several unlisted patch notes from DotA 2 Beta via Steam search.

Currently, 6 leaked Dota 2 patch notes are leaked, you can read them below:

DotA 2 Leaked Beta Changelogs:

14 Apr 2011 / 20 Apr 2011

– New Hero: Rattletrap.
– New Hero: Furion
– New model for Lich, who is re-enabled!
– Re-enabled Windrunner. Continue reading ‘DotA 2 Beta Leaked Changelogs’