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DOTA 2 Sound Files Leaked Online

DOTA 2 Sound SettingsThere has been a big DOTA 2 Beta leak lately. The whole database of DOTA 2 sound files has been leaked online by a Vietnamese player. He has made a dedicated YouTube channel and uploaded all the DOTA 2 audio of all the hero voices including game announcer and other miscellaneous sounds. Continue reading ‘DOTA 2 Sound Files Leaked Online’

DotA 2 Axe Screenshots

Axe, Mogul Khan - DOTA2A couple more screenshots of DOTA 2 are floating around on the internet. This time, it shows the famous DotA strength hero Axe with all his skills preview in high resolution images. It seems like Valve has lifted the NDA and allowing beta testers to reveal the in-game content of DOTA 2. Anyway, check the screens! Continue reading ‘DotA 2 Axe Screenshots’

DOTA 2 Menu Screenshots Leaked

DotA 2 MiranaThe people who have seen the gameplay footage of DOTA 2 are unfamiliar with the in-game Lobby menu of DOTA 2. Not long ago, some screenshots of DotA 2 menu were presented on a discussion forum. The DotA 2 lobby menu is very similar to Heroes of Newerth but it looks unfinished. It has the option of Tournament, Matchmaking, Practice & Tutorial mode. Continue reading ‘DOTA 2 Menu Screenshots Leaked’

DOTA 2 Details Leaked by Beta Tester

Dota 2 LeakedAn anonymous poster who claims to be a DOTA 2 Beta Tester has revealed some precious & interesting information related to the DotA 2. According to him, DOTA 2 currently has the highest priority among all Valve’s projects.  These disclosed details are not official but they look promising as some of them are mentioned in DOTA 2 Q&A and Leaked patch notes.  If these features are real, DOTA 2 will become king of Action RTS genre. Continue reading ‘DOTA 2 Details Leaked by Beta Tester’