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Playable DOTA 2 Coming Soon!

Play DOTA 2 BetaIceFrog has made an important announcement regrading DOTA 2 Beta on the development blog. It reveals some valuable information about the upcoming DOTA 2 beta (public). It seems Valve has modified the DOTA 2 release date & model and pushed for early release. Continue reading ‘Playable DOTA 2 Coming Soon!’

DOTA 2 Free To Play Mystery!

Dota 2 Free To Play
DOTA 2 is going to be a leading product in  Action Real Time Strategy games which is in hatching process under Valve’s supervision. There are some competitors For e.g. S2Games’ Heroes of Newerth, Riot’s League of Legends, Bloodline Champions etc. These game developing companies are going to face some serious challenge because Valve is not any other company, they have vast experience in making the most popular FPS series Counter-Strike and most importantly they have collaboration with DotA’s creator IceFrog.
Continue reading ‘DOTA 2 Free To Play Mystery!’