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DOTA 2 Update – 3 New Heroes Incoming

DOTA 2 Hero ConceptsAt last! We get a DOTA 2 progress update from Valve. They will be rolling out 3 new heroes, Lycan, Lone Druid and Shadow Demon in the upcoming patch.  The finalized hero concepts are released, showing the actual artwork and effects of new heroes. Aside from that, Valve apologized for the 2 weeks delay due to servers upgrade. Continue reading ‘DOTA 2 Update – 3 New Heroes Incoming’

Dota 2 Fan Art – Better than ever

Dota 2 Art by ArtgermA Singapore based art studios Imaginary Friends has came up with something special for us DotA fans. They have created stunning fan-arts of four Dota 2 glorious heroines namely Slayer, Crystal Maiden, Windrunner along with Drow Ranger. In the past  ImaginaryFS co-founder Stanely ‘Artgerm’ Lau work was featured in various WarCraft 3 DotA Loading screens.  Now they’re working with Valve Corporation for current Dota 2 Project.

Continue reading ‘Dota 2 Fan Art – Better than ever’

Awesome DotA 2 Fan Art Images

DOTA 2 Fan Arts

A lot of community based contribution in being done for DOTA 2 as its release comes near.  Lately, a Chinese DOTA player who seems to be a hardcore fan has drawn some stunning DOTA 2 Heroes Fan Art images. These concept artworks are really detailed and astonishing, must have took so much time and dedication. Continue reading ‘Awesome DotA 2 Fan Art Images’

DOTA 2 Wallpaper Art by Kunkka

DotA 2 Art by Kunkka
The DotA community famous artist Kunkka, who has worked many of the Warcraft 3 DotA loading screen is now presenting a new DOTA 2 wallpaper art of 5v5 battle between Dire and Radiant (Sentinel & Soucrge). It shows the first impression of many DOTA 2 heroes and they are looking incredible. Continue reading ‘DOTA 2 Wallpaper Art by Kunkka’

DotA 2 Heroes Art – Leaked Login Screen

DotA 2 Heroes

After a long time, We get to see another exciting preview of heroes in DotA 2, Recently, there has been a DotA 2 screenshot floating around on the internet which appears to be a DotA 2 Steam Login page.  The header image on the Login page shows the glimpse of DotA 2 heroes art, consisting 7 heroes. These are the legit artworks as they were found on DotA 2 website although it was soon taken down by Valve, A curious fan was keen enough to take a screenshot of it. Continue reading ‘DotA 2 Heroes Art – Leaked Login Screen’