Elder Titan added in Dota 2 Update! (1/5/2013)

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Elder Titan (Tauren Chieftain) in Dota 2

Valve has finally did it! They have added Dota’s one of the most popular strength hero ELDER TITAN (yes, it’s Tauren Chieftain). Elder Titan is the most unique and tough looking hero in Dota 2 so far, his attack and spells animations are perfectly done and truly reflect his potential in the game. Now, you can play this epic hero in game and counter those massive tank heroes!

A little introduction to Elder Titan for new players:
He one of the annoying heroes that literally wipe your hero’s HP within seconds. Elder Titan can spawn an Ancestral spirit (reflection of his own) and stun multiple spots at same time. His 3rd spell aura (Natural Order) sweeps away enemy’s magical resistance and amplifies the damage dealt by a significant margin. Titan’s ultimate is similar to Twin-head dragon’s Macropyre but it takes away 50% of opponents HP and slows them for 5 seconds. A perfect spell to counter heroes such as Centaur Warrunner, Ursa Warrior etc.

Some animations of Elder Titan skills for your eye candy, click to play:
Earth Splitter Elder Titan Echo Stomp Elder Titan Ancestral Spirit Elder Titan

And now here are the patch notes of today’s update: 

Dota 2 1st May patch

– Added Elder Titan!

– Fixed a bug that was allowing extra report submissions on Sundays.

– Revised the Community page.
– Added an icon for league games to the Live, Recent and Downloaded game lists.
– Changed Heroes Played and Game History to be popups in the Profile.
– Numerous improvements to the Tournament Scheduling interface.
– Fixed Buy Back availability in spectator dropdown being inaccurate sometimes.
– Improved web browser performance.
– Fixed hitches when spectating games and switching between heroes.

– New lines added to Skywrath Mage, Timbersaw, and Bristleback.

– Added an Animation Overlay dropdown to the Workshop Model Preview.
– Added Lycanthrope’s wolves to the Ability Model import list.

As usual, restart your Steam Client and Dota 2 to install this patch via auto-update. You might not be able to play until you update. The offline updates of Dota 2 are not yet supported by Valve.

  • Shicky

    First Blood!

  • is it just me?..but the Greevils are broken for like 2 weeks now.. I hope it would be fix..

  • valve plzzz fix sea server

    to many pinoy players anre affect to delay/high ping

    tnx in advance…

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    can some1 forward me d link to download dota 2

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    Teamfights will never be same. 🙂