DOTA 2 Update – 3 New Heroes Incoming

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DOTA 2 Hero ConceptsAt last! We get a DOTA 2 progress update from Valve. They will be rolling out 3 new heroes, Lycan, Lone Druid and Shadow Demon in the upcoming patch.  The finalized hero concepts are released, showing the actual artwork and effects of new heroes. Aside from that, Valve apologized for the 2 weeks delay due to servers upgrade.


Lycanthrope (Lycan in Dota2) with his Wolves. Looks like Wolverine from X-man, ain’t it?
Dota 2 Lycan

Syllabear (Lone Druid) with his Spirit Bear. Yep, Ursa family is emerging!
DOTA 2 Syllabear Lone Druid

Shadow Demon, the dark lord;
DOTA 2 Shadow Demon
The release date of this patch is still unconfirmed, some say it’s going to be released on next Friday.  There will be another update by DOTA 2 dev team regarding the designs process of heroes, Stay Tuned!


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    i neeed dota 2 download link!!

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    nice :3

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    cool ;D

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    Epic, Shadow Demon is just freaking epic!, Syllabear is also epic, but i dont like lycan, he is too normal i want him to be deformed, creepy i dunno smthing like shadow demon, and also btw when are you gonna release Bane?!? when you released the first heroes bane alrdy had an avatar and voice so i dont see why is he taking so long? also what about the radiant str heroes? you forggot about them?

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    lycan looks like a meadival period vampiric aristocrat…. 😀 so monarchyish.. and royal blood

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    when will the dota gonna be FTP??

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    Thanx spirit bear is epic

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    I steel need to see Terrorblade at dota 2 his cool and strong