DOTA 2 Patch Notes (June 1st, 2012) – DOTA 2 Store Added!

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dota 2 1st June patch notes

The most important update of year 2012 is here. DOTA 2 1st June patch update is officially rolled out on steam servers which adds in game store feature and battle points (reward for playing match making games). This update is sized around 600 mb which will definitely have some perks in it. Valve has also removed restrictions and made DOTA 2 free to play and this update is a serious concern to the beloved fans.

DOTA 2 (1st June 2012) Patch Notes:

– Added the Dota 2 Store!


– Enabled Ogre Magi in Captain’s Mode.
– Ogre Magi: Fixed Bloodlust autocast interrupting your TP scroll.
– Ogre Magi: Fixed Multicast Fireblast not extending the stun duration.
– Ogre Magi: Fixed Bloodlust being castable on magic immune units.
– Ogre Magi: Fixed Bloodlust Multicast being used up by couriers.
– Ogre Magi: Fixed Fireblast Mutlicast stopping if you die while it is multicast.
-Ogre Magi: Added unique effect for unrefined fireblast
– Outworld Destroyer: Fixed Arcane Orb not working on Illusions recently.

User Interface

– Fixed losses and abandons not showing correctly on your own profile.
– Kill Cam panel now shows any custom items the killer was wearing.


– Empowering Haste visual no longer shows up on creeps
– Added new effect for unrefined fireblast.


– Fixed bug where bots would run out of their base immediately after teleporting to it.
– Fixed bug that could cause bots to prioritize a temporarily invalid unit (nightmared, reincarnating, etc) over one that is currently valid.
– Fixed case where bots would prioritize other desires over picking up Aegis/Cheese/Rapier.
– Fixed a number of bugs that could cause bots to get stuck near Roshan.
– Easier and Easy bots will now have ability usage lockouts where they’re periodically unable to use items and abilities.
– Fixed bug where passive bots would get stuck trying to ward.
– Fixed bug where Dire-side lobby slots would be inaccessible when there were bots in the corresponding Radiant-side lobby slot.

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