DOTA 2 Patch Notes (December 8, 2011)

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Dota 2 Patch NotesA new update for DOTA 2 has been rolled out. This update brings a new Dire intelligence hero, Death Prophet along with other tweaks and routinely bug fixes.  Check the detailed patch logs:

DOTA 2 Patch Notes (12/8/2011):


  • Added DOTA 2 Death Prophet!
  • Lifestealer: Fixed Feast working on denies
  • Nightstalker: Updated suggested item build.
  • Huskar: Fixed Burning Spears working through silence.


  • When purchasing while dead, items can go to the main inventory ( previously were sent to the stash ).
  • Fixed some item buffs not working when combined while the hero is dead.
  • Fixed ability tooltips not working when the game is paused.
  • Revamped the waiting for players (loading) screen.
  • If a player fails to connect and load, we now kick all the players back to matchmaking so we don’t end up 4v5.
  • Removed chat from game end panel, we now just show regular hud chat during scores.


  • Hooked up occasional flinches to lane creeps.
  • Reduced random blood splatter chances from creep to creep attacks.
  • Fixed Broodmother’s webs not showing up if you connected after they were created.
  • Screenshakes now work during the end game cinematic
  • Fixed character shadows sometimes not showing up.
  • Units are now pushed away from the ancient when it’s destroyed.
  • Updated pine tree foliage.
  • Added unique tree destruction and tree stumps
  • Added WIP radiant ancient destruction
  • Changed impact effects to have a specific hero variation
  • Fixed blood coming from mechanical units
  • Fixed Weaver afterimage effects not rendering properly
  • Fixed character shadows staying off if they were first rendered as invisible on a client


  • Alchemist’s concoction lines are now heard by other players nearby.
  • Riki will only say “This is Redundant” when picking up an Invisiblity Rune while invisible.
  • Fixed not hearing the ancient destruction sound effects if the camera was too far away.
  • Enabled the Unit Speech option in the settings panel.
  • Altered processing on Jakiro voices (in 12/1/11 update).


  • Fixed bug where bots would fail to attack Roshan.
  • Fixed bug where bots wouldn’t deny their own creeps.
  • Fixed spectating players still being able to control bots while spectating.
  • Fixed bug where bots would grab Aegis over humans if the human’s inventory was full. Now they’ll assume the human will drop an item for Aegis.
  • Fixed bug that could sometimes cause no one on a team to pick up Aegis.
  • Fixed bug where bots would freeze when they encountered a dropped item that they wanted to destroy.
  • Fixed bug where bots were only avoiding the outermost towers in each lane.
  • Bots now try to avoid each other somewhat, so they should no longer stack on top of each other as much.
  • Bots will now attack pets, controlled creeps, and minions in general.
  • Fixed case where heroes would backtrack after blinking.
  • Added bot avoidance to Ancient Apparition’s Cold Feet.
  • Bots will now use Glyph if their base is under attack and there are no humans on their team.
  • Fixed bug in Crystal Maiden bot that was preventing her from using Freezing Field.
  • Fixed bug where bots would tank Roshan until they died.