DOTA 2 Patch Notes (December 21, 2011)

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Dota 2 Patch Notes 21 DecValve has released the Christmas update for DOTA 2. The 12/21/11 update adds new agility  hero Gondar, Bounty Hunter and fixes major server crash while destroying the ancients. Now you can spectate the same game that your friends are watching using “Watch Now” option in lobby. This patch also comes with miscellaneous other tweaks, read the full patch changelogs.

DOTA 2 Beta Patch Notes (12/21/2011):


  • Added DOTA 2 Bounty Hunter!
  • Beastmaster: Fixed Wild Axes being left behind when blinking to a location with a different z-value while they’re in-flight.
  • Ursa: Fixed fury swipes to apply the effect before the hit.


  • “Watch Game” user menu option now also shows up for friends watching a game. Clicking it will take you to the same game they’re watching.
  • “Watch Game” user menu option shows up for friends in practice lobbies with “allow spectators” turned on.
  • Added timestamps to main menu chat.
  • Added an announcement for when spectator sizes change in game.
  • Spectator names can be clicked in chat to commend, report or ignore them.


  • Fixed server crash that could happen occasionally as the ancient is destroyed.


  • Improved how bots predict missing enemy locations.
  • Added level of desire to all the things that bots currently avoid (mostly lessening the avoidance desire of things that they don’t care much about).
  • Made bots less spammy about movement when moving to a location within a lane.
  • Increased range at which bots will consider coming to an ally’s defense.
  • Increased bot desire to retreat when they’re dangerously low on health.

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