DOTA 2 Patch Notes (8th November, 2012)

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Dota 2 patch notesA patch has been rolled out on Dota 2 servers. This weekly update brings no new heroes, however it addresses some important bugs and glitches which were left behind in the past patches. New heroes are likely to added in the next patch update and it might be Slark. You can read the patch notes of this update below!

Dota 2 Patch Notes (8/9/2012):

– Dark Seer: Fixed Wall of Replica illusion creation timing (affects instantly dying illusions mainly).
– Dragon Knight: Fixed Elder Dragon Form not splashing on siege units.
– Enchantress: Fixed being unable to be healed by Nature’s Attendants if you are sleeping.
– Enchantress: Fixed Impetus not being castable on Magic Immune enemies (still does no damage if immune on impact).
– Gyrocopter: Homing Missile now starts 150 units in front him.
– Huskar: Fixed Life Break not properly dispelling buffs on you when cast.
– Lich: Fixed Chainfrost not working with Refresher.
– Phantom Lancer: Fixed not reproducing his abilities (including stat bonuses) correctly on his Dopplewalked illusion.
– Phantom Lancer: Fixed Dopplewalked illusions never Juxtaposing.
– Shadow Shaman: Fixed Mass Serpent Wards having no cast point.
– Silencer: Fixed Illusions stealing intelligence.
– Spiritbreaker: Fixed case where he could interrupt his Charge by previously having given an attack order to his target.
– Templar Assassin: Fixed Psionic Trap’s nearby detonate ability not always working if the trap is too far.
– Undying: Zombies now correctly disable Blink Dagger.
– Venomancer: Fixed Poison Sting duration not increasing per level.
– Visage: Fixed Familiars agroing neutrals when flying over them.
– Wisp: Fixed his Spirits dying if he gets cycloned or purged.
– Wisp: Fixed Tether targeting magic immune allies.
– Witch Doctor: Fixed Paralyzing Casks not bouncing between Magic Immune enemies (doesn’t stun them, but doesn’t cause the bouncing to end prematurely).
– Witch Doctor: Fixed Death Ward not bouncing on magic immune enemies.
– Fixed heroes being able to get stuck on each other in rare cases.
– Fixed neutrals seeing and killing other sentry wards (as well as other non-attacking ward-type units).
– Fixed Arcane Boots and Mekansm being unable to affected allied invulnerable units.
– Fixed Orb of Venom doing lethal damage.
– Fixed Neutral Gnoll’s poison attack doing lethal damage.
– Fixed Vladmir’s Offering applying the aura when the owning unit is dead.

– Movement speed on the HUD is now written as a total rather than two seperate numbers.
– Fixed Disabled Tranquil Boots movement speed.
– Updated Tranquil boots disabled icon.
– If you miss the queue for Diretide and accept a requeue, you will be put back in the Diretide queue.
– Adding chat bubble visualization of your current mic volume.
– Voice Threshold and Mute Cobroadcasters settings should now persist when the game is restarted.

– Added voice auto-gain. All voices are now brought up to a normal level. Turning off microphone boost in Windows settings is recommended.
– Reduced the delay on voice transmission.

 Image Credits: Cheesecurls

You need to have your Steam client restarted to avail this update. Dota 2 currently does not support offline updates, you’re not in luck if you’re behind a university/college firewall.

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    HoOoOm Slark . new heroes importand . but not mor than of bugs

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    Do not fix bug Ns