Dota 2 Patch Notes (6th December 2012) – New Winter Map

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Dota 2 Winter Map UpdateValve has just issued a small update for Dota 2 via Steam Client.  It fixes some AI exploits, spells bugs and a common ‘You must be in a lobby to reconnect’ bug that prevented players from reconnecting. This update also adds Pseudo random chances to Bash, Critical and other chance based objects in game.

Dota 2 Winter Map Sneak Peek:

This weeks patch also adds some unreleased content (thanks to Cyborgmatt).  A new Dota 2 Winter Themed map has been added which could  possibly be a special event like DireTide. The next coming hero is confirmed to be Medusa and some new items are coming as well.

Dota 2 Patch Notes (12/06/12):

– Fixed some bugs with Pounce movement restriction.
– Fixed being able to cast and attack while using Skewer.
– Fixed Empower buff remaining after casting Black King Bar.
– Fixed Neutral creep chase time being too long.
– Added Pseudo Random chances for the following items: Daedalus, Crystalys, Abyssal Blade, Basher, Heaven’s Halbred, Maelstrom, Mjollnir, Static Charge, Monkey King Bar, Poor Man’s Shield, Sange, Sange and Yasha, Stout Shield, Vanguard.
– Fixed various ancient AI exploits.

– Some voice gain fixes to improve quality.
– Updates on sound effects for Visage, Viper, Warlock, Tiny and Earthshaker.

– Fixed an issue where players would not be able to reconnect to a server and would get “You must be in a lobby to connect.”
– Undying’s Tombstone now caps at 64 maximum zombies.

Note: You must restart your Steam Client to receive this update. Dota 2 currently does not support offline updates. You’ll have to get this update via Steam Cloud servers.

  • rhalie

    NICE! first blood!

  • yea, updating cant wait to see the new map.

  • yoni1932

    madnes in all heros pseudo random FTW


  • I suppose the pseudo-random is now more like the original wc3 pseudo-random?

  • is there a special event for Christmas? like the diretide?

  • a

    when will it be released?

  • fdr

    is the snow available now? bcause my map doesnt show it, and the armor HUD again blocked..:(

    • fdr

      ” A new Dota 2 Winter Themed map has been added which could possibly be a special event like DireTide.” sorry lol.

  • lol

    why u fucked up lanaya ? -.- all grey? i hope its a mistake

  • all gray lanaya is a bug, im having it too sometimes, i just restart the game and she’s back to normal

  • tryvya

    why my map is still the same????

    • tryvya is fucking idiot

      because it’s only a sneak peak..

  • How can we download that ..??? Plz give a link to get it ….////