DOTA 2 Patch Notes (4th January, 2013)

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Dota 2 patch

A new update has been released on Dota 2 servers after a long holidays. This unexpectedly big patch brings a little content as compared to its size. Sorry folks, no new heroes this time, Greeviling mode has been removed but the good news is, Australian servers are now officially up and running. Other than that it brings some tweaks to gameplay, UI and bots. Read patch notes for more details.

Dota 2 Patch Notes (1/4/2013):

– Added Nightstalker darkness graphic to day/night clock.
– When calculating Net Worth, we no longer include the inventory value of the other Meepos.

– Roshan is no longer pushed by Clockwerk’s cogs.

– Added Announcer previewing.
– Fixed backwards day/night indicator.

– Added Australia server region.
– Failed chunks are now retried when downloading replays. This should address the issue with Error 206.

– Bots will now wake up if they’re attacked during their initial 15 second slumber.
– Improved decision-making of who should buy wards on a team.
– Fixed Lich bot trolling teammates by using Dark Ritual on creeps that a teammate teleporting to.
– Swapped around Jugg bot’s item build (he goes for ring of health and battlefury faster now).
– Carry bots are now allowed to move further from their base laning location when going for last hits.

Restart your Steam client and Dota 2 to receive this patch via auto-update. The patch is sized 171 MB, it will take some time to update depending on the server load and your internet connection speed. Enjoy!

  • troll

    not such big changes.wish they add terrorblade soon

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      i agree

  • it0u

    ember spirit!!!

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    sky!!!!! 🙁

  • Glardz

    my update always stuck , it’s stop @ 33% updates , how can i solve this problem ? any suggestions or are there manual update / manual patch / something ?
    Please help me 🙁

    Sorry for my bad English..

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    • aa

      check firewall setting and allow program setting if your using windows or stop all steam services the n restart the comp and try again to update

      • Glardz

        Thanks for sharing , i’ll try ..


    still no philippine server T_T

  • Leo

    Philippines server!!!!