DOTA 2 Patch Notes (4 October, 2012)

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Dota 2 Magnus The MagnataurValve’s brings a big patch to Dota 2 this week. The 4th October update adds a new Strength hero Magnataur (formerly Magnus) and 150 new community items to the store. The DotA 6.75b parity changes have been implemented. You can now create a team, upload your logo and invite members. Also, there are a lot of UI changes, you can notice new spell icons/spells animations.

Dota 2 Patch Notes (4/10/12):


– Added Magnus!
– Enabled Team creation.
– Made all 6.75b Parity changes
– Added around 150 new items to the store.

– Ability tooltips are now more precise about what kind of units they can target.

– Fixed basic courier movement speed being too low

– Lowered the tankiness threshold for doing Roshan.
– Bots now only save for buyback later in games, and now save the proper amount.
– Lich bot will no longer cast Chain Frost on a single target that’s about to die or that is able to blink away.
– Skeleton King bot is now better about saving mana for Reincarnate.
– Improved Windrunner bot’s Shakleshot usage (she will now take into account unit movement).
– Bots will no longer have any desire to farm while they are temporarily invisible.
– Added support for selling/dropping situational items when necessary (wards, dust, etc).
– Adjusted Skeleton King and Dragon Knight bots’ loadouts.
– Bots will now scale their attack desire on non-heroes based on how dangerous they think the unit is.
– Bots will now harass hero-like units (ie. Spirit Bear) when laning.
– Bots will now consider trying to kill hero-like units.

You need to restart your Dota 2 or Steam Client to receive this update. If you face any graphic glitches or something unusual after the update. Please report to Dota 2 Dev forums.

  • still waiting for troll warlord and centaur….

  • jonhhhyy

    Made all 6.75b Parity changes?

    it makes no sense to do this, since the dota 2 beta released with an old version!

  • Cocoman

    Now when the Internationals are over they make new heroes pretty fast

  • how can i download this game? what link?

  • Lee


  • disqus_rUOcUg18QS

    give me the link for download this game