DOTA 2 Patch Notes (19th April, 2012)

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DOTA 2 Patch NotesGreetings folks! Valve just updated DOTA 2 with another weekly update. The new patch brings a brand new hero Brewmaster (formerly Panndaren Brewmaster) and an updated visual effect for Shadowfiend’s ultimate, Requiem of Souls. This patch is now available for everyone, restart your Steam client to get this update.

DOTA 2 Patch Notes (19/04/2012):

– Enabled Brewmaster!
– Bane: Fixed Nightmare dispelling on self damage (e.g. Rot).
– Clockwerk: Fixed Hookshot target sometimes being able to move away while you are traveling.
– Clockwerk: Fixed aoe around Hookshot not reliably affecting the area.
– Earthshaker: Fixed cases where invulnerable units could get stuck inside Fissure.
– Juggernaut: Fixed Omnislash jumping to couriers.
– Lina: Fixed Dragon Slave’s cast range being too short.
– Lone Druid: Added a visual effect at the Spirit Bear’s old location when it’s recast.
– Lone Druid: Fixed a bug when Spirit Bear would disassemble an item, causing it to have no owner.
– Nightstalker: Added duration buff for Darkness.
– Pudge: Fixed Dismember damage happening one second too late.
– Spirit Breaker: Fixed case where he could get stuck when using Nether Strike.
– Viper: Fixed Corrosive Skin affecting Serpent Wards.
– Fixed being able to deny yourself (while under poison) if you attack through the hero icon at the top.
– Fixed Linken Sphere proccing for secondary hits of Chain Lightning and Lightning Storm.
– Fixed Magic Immunity removing Poison Attack debuff.
– Fixed hero deaths not disjointing incoming projectiles (in the case of fast respawns/buyback).
– Fixed bug that was causing attack projectiles to be slightly out of sync with the server.
– Fixed units not always respecting the ability backswing time (without animation canceling), causing animations to sometimes end faster than normal.

– Fixed creepstats not being visible to spectators.

– Updated Nevermore’s Requiem of Souls.
– Added an effect for Nevermore’s Necromastery.

– Bots will now use couriers.
– While there are any disconnected humans on the opposing team, bots will now select the most appropriate corresponding hero or heroes on their team to go back to the fountain to try to keep teams somewhat balanced.
– Bots will no longer forget about heroes they’re trying to kill when they go invulnerable.
– Changed how bots think about attacking wards/minions, they should behave more reasonably now.
– When bots defend a tower, they should now be more aggressive about transitioning into attacking, rather than milling around behind the tower.
– Mid bots are now less likely to roam at early levels.
– Fixed bug that was causing Zeus to killsteal (too much) with his Ult.
– Earthshaker bot will no longer use Echo Slam to kill a lone hero unless that hero is a hard carry.
– Earthshaker bot will no longer use Echo Slam on a target that it thinks is about to die anyways.
– Windrunner bot will now buy Mekansm rather than Blademail.
– Fixed bug that could cause poorly-aimed fissures and powershots.
– Windrunner bot will now use Powershot when pushing/defending a lane, and sometimes to harass/last-hit while laning.
– Fixed bug where Kunkka bot would freeze when trying to kill a non-hero target.
– Fixed bug where Dire bots would respond to pings from spectators.

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