DOTA 2 Patch Notes (19 July, 2012) – Naga Siren added

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DOTA2 Patch for 19th July 2012 has just released. DOTA 2 latest patch features Naga Siren which is an agility based hero and its a great inclusion in Radient. The most noticeable thing is that Naga Siren is also included in Captain’s Mode it means that these hero will take part in the major leagues and tournaments. We hope that Fans will be very glad with these changes. So guys don’t go anywhere and comeback here for the latest updates of your favorite game.

Update # 2:

– Added chat spam throttling.
– Enabled AFK and leaver penalties for co-op bot matches.
– Re-enabled rewards for co-op bot matches.
– Fixed TA’s missing Refraction lore string.
– Players that have not purchased a Tournament Pass will no longer be able to watch that Tournament’s replays.
– Fixed Naga Siren being unable to buy from Secret Shop near Roshan.
– Added cast range ring for Song of the Siren.
– Fixed Spell Steal not gaining the cancel ability on Song of the Siren.
– Fixed being unable to Vacuum sleeping units from Song of the Siren.
– Fixed Song of the Siren not affecting invulnerable towers.
– Fixed Rip Tide having cast time.
– Fixed Mirror Image illusions doing too much damage.
– Fixed Riptide tooltip not showing the damage type.
– Fixed HP bars missing during Song of the Siren.
– Fixed Ensnare not revealing invisible heroes properly.
– Fixed end game cinematic not playing properly.

DOTA 2 PATCH NOTES (19th July 2012):


– Added Naga Siren!
– Added new stats dropdown feature when spectating!


– Enabled Naga Siren in Captain’s Mode.


– Beastmaster: Fixed the path that Wild Axes take. It should now work the way it was originally intended.
– Disruptor: Fixed Glimpse affecting Warlock’s Golem and Spirit Bear.
– Rubick: Fixed Warlock’s Shadow Word refreshing its debuff version when stolen and cast as a buff.
– Rubick: Fixed Dazzle’s Weave refreshing its debuff version when stolen and cast as a buff.
– Rubick: Fixed restealing an ability (stealing another ability in-between) not restting its cooldown.
– Silencer: Fixed Curse of the Silent affecting Warlock’s Golem and Spirit Bear.
– Storm Spirit: Fixed Static Remnant blocking creep camps.
– Templar Assassin: Fixed Refraction being dispellable.
– Undying: Fixed a case where early game zombies could sometimes get stuck with an earlier or invalid level of Deathlust into the late game.
– Fixed Diffusal Blade stopping Force Staff movement.
– Fixed Templar Assassin’s Refraction and Pipe causing Blink Dagger to not get disabled.


– The Director will now acknowledge all Ultimate usages not just the ones that damage, so you can no longer pretend that Echo Slam in the jungle by yourself didn’t happen.
– Tweaks to Directed camera framing and movement.

User Interface :

– Added new stats dropdown feature when spectating!
– Sellback times no longer expire when moving items to the courier.
– Fixed item stocks not restoring correctly when multiple items are sold back within the sellback time.
– Added a message when a player destroys the Aegis.
– Added confirmation dialog before starting a Tournament game with one or more teams not specified.
– Added client-side console variables allowing spectators to locally disable certain announcer lines. Especially useful for broadcasters. The cvars are:
– cl_dota_speech_spec_towerattack, cl_dota_speech_spec_towerfalls, cl_dota_speech_spec_barracksattack, cl_dota_speech_spec_barracksfalls, cl_dota_speech_spec_ancientattack, cl_dota_speech_spec_enemybasefalls, cl_dota_speech_spec_idles .
– Set any of them to ‘0’ to prevent that line from playing. (Broadcasters will almost always want to set cl_dota_speech_spec_idles 0 ).
– Multiple players who have the same announcer equipped in the same game should now hear the same line being spoken..[/spoiler]


Basically its a fixing patch notes in which the Lanaya is fixed with Refraction being dispellable. Also with some beast master, Silencer and Shadow Fiend bugs are fixed. So enjoy playing the latest patch of DOTA 2 and do let us know via comment section.

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