DOTA 2 Patch Notes (15th November, 2012) – Slark Added

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DOTA 2 Features one more weekly patch update with the inclusion with the one more new hero. This time Valve has came up with the Slark which is already added in the 15 November patch. There were some items, gameplay, UI and Visual changes occur and we hope you are gonna like it. So check the complete details of this patch below.

Official DOTA 2 (15th November, 2012) Patch Notes:

– Added Slark!
– Added a chatwheel for quick communication with teammates!
– Added support for using keyboard templates!

Item Changes:
– Tournament Drops are now enabled for all leagues.

Gameplay Changes:
– Zombies no longer spawn other zombies from a stolen Tombstone.

User Interface Changes:
– Added a form for soliciting new chatwheel options.
– Added world heatmap for seeing where current players are located.
– Abilities and items bound to alt-combinations now display as such.

Visual Changes:
– Fixed Nightstalker losing his wings at night.

Editing Changes: Just did a small update to fix an asset file bug. No update note changes for it.

So guys enjoy playing DOTA 2 and don’t forget to comeback here and check the latest updates of your favorite game online here.

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    im jason vidad imba player

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  • Carloz Javier Barrio Martinez

    Reallly awesome cant wait to try him out i use to really own it up in Dota in War3 mod with him so when is Techies going to come out ?

  • jason vidad

    jason vidad here

  • jason

    Ns new wing at night.

  • terror blade or troll warlord now 🙂

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