Dota 2 Patch Notes (13 September, 2012)

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Dota 2 patch notesAfter the delay of 6 weeks due to the The International 2012, Valve finally rolled out a new patch update for Dota 2 It brings ‘significant performance improvements’, UI/Visual enhancements and usual bug fixes. Sadly, there are no new heroes shipped with this update. Check the patch logs for more details.

Dota 2 Patch Notes (13 September, 2012):


– Made significant performance improvements to model loading and rendering.
– Added iG to the Hall of Fame.

– Fixed a bug where a Blink Dagger could be used post-stun even if it should have been disabled due to damage.

– Settings dialog sliders no longer go to 11.
– The loadout screen now shows how many items you have for each slot (so you don’t have to page in and out of each slot to find items).
– The Gold and XP graphs will now update immediately when a broadcaster opens them.
– The Shop combine tree is now animated.
– The center item in the combine tree now shows purchasable border.
– The buyback indicator in top bar displays for 10 seconds.
– Pinging dropped items now prints the item to team chat, similar to rune pinging.

– Beefed up Lifestealer’s Open Wounds debuff effect.
– Beefed up Luna’s Lucent Beam impact a tiny bit.
– Made some visual tweaks to Keeper’s Illuminate projectile so it behaves better when moving across different altitudes.
– Slightly enlarged accuracy debuff effect for Keeper’s Blinding Light.

– Added new lines to several heroes.

– Added Dragon Knight bot.
– Added Skeleton King bot.
– Fixed invisible bots getting stuck trying to place wards.
– Fixed Earthshaker not considering using Enchant Totem to interrupt channels.
– Juggernaut will no longer try to attack when using Blade Fury, he’ll just move to his desired location.
– Lina should now use Laguna Blade more appropriately (less killstealing of low-health enemies).
– Bots should now be less likely to bail on a neutral farming target that has a tiny amount of health left.
– Fixed bug that caused bots to select the wrong item to drop.
– Fixed bots always assuming that humans were pushing a tower (rather than farming it) if they were in-lane late-game.
– Fixed bug that was causing too much avoidance from Radiance.
– Fixed bug where Lina wouldn’t use Dragon Slave when pushing or defending a lane.
– Fixed towers still causing avoidance for a few seconds after they’ve been destroyed.
– Bots now better estimate how powerful they are relative to the enemy team.

That’s all for now, hopefully we get to see the new update in the next patch. You must restart your Steam Client and Dota 2 to receive the new patch update. If you’re having any trouble while updating, please refer to Dota 2 dev forums.

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