Dota 2 Patch Notes (11 October, 2012)

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Valve has setup another fascinating update this week with adding two more heroes in the Captain’s mode. This week the lucky ones are Meepo and Magnus which were both included after The International and now they have accomplished their successful inclusion and they made their prominent position in the game. There are some more fixes and glitches were addressed in this patch. But they are not as significant to be discussed. So check out the complete notes below..

– Added Meepo to Captain’s Mode.
– Added Magnus to Captain’s Mode.
– Fixed Reverse Polarity not pulling units from the right location.
– Fixed Necromastry loss count for odd numbers.
– Fixed Reverse Polarity stunning cycloned units.
– Fixed Incapacitating Bite working against Wards.

User Interface
– Fixed enemy Meepo illusions displaying the wrong health bars.
– Team profile shows tournaments that a team has participated in.
– Fixed bugs with cooldowns and disassembling Tranquil Boots.

– Updated Necronomicon visuals.

– Added Templar Assassin to the list of heroes that bots will purchase invisibility-detection items for.
– When leading a target, bots will no longer target an ability in impassable terrain.
– Added more usage cases for Poison Touch.
– Earthshaker and Tidehunter bots are now more aggressive when they have Echo Slam and Ravage up, which should help them initiate more often.
– Fixed excessive lead time in Light Strike Array usage.
– Fixed case where AoE targeted abilities could be targeted on invisible enemies.
– Fixed bug with Shallow Grave where Dazzle bot would only rarely cast it on teammates.
– Windrunner bot will now more often follow up a successful Shackleshot with a Powershot.
– Ranged heroes will be slightly more aggressive when laning.
– Fixed issue where bots with lifesteal were overestimating their tankiness.
– Fixed Jugg’s loadout to not have him buy boots first.
– Dazzle bot is now a bit more judicious about using Shadow Wave.

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