DOTA 2 Beta Patch Notes (6th October, 2011)

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DotA 2 Patch Kunkka BloodseekerHere are the patch notes for DOTA 2 Beta on 6/10/2011. This weekly update enables 2 new heroes (Kunkka & Bloodseeker), several bug fixes, UI tweaks, hero voices and the most awaited AI bots support. You can read the detailed patch notes below:

DOTA 2  Gameplay Changes:

– Enabled Kunkka and Bloodseeker.
– Enabled Bot Support
– Fixed some creep aggro behaviors
– Fixed Juggernaut’s Omnislash not ministunning the initial target.
– Fixed Juggernaut’s Healing Ward not having an AoE cursor.
– Fixed Critical Strikes (both Juggernaut’s and item-based) not denying correctly.
– Fixed Ion Shell being dispelled during Bladefury.
– Fixed Razor’s Static Link working on Juggernaut while he is omnislashing.
– Fixed Doom gaining a ranged attack by orb walking after eating a ghost creep.
– Fixed Dazzle’s Shadow Wave, it now properly deals physical damage, and damages magic immune units.
– Fixed Ancients not regenerating.
– Fixed Lich’s Dark Ritual being usable on couriers.
– Fixed players instantly losing vision of dying units.
– Fixed the radius of vision players get from attacking units.
– Fixed units being knocked back into trees potentially getting stuck.
– Fixed Ring of Basilius, it no longer automatically resets its toggle state on death.
– Fixed Illusions doing significantly reduced damage to buildings.
– Fixed a bug that prevented selection hitboxes from scaling along with the unit.
– Fixed a bug where creeps would over-commit to defending an allied hero being attacked.
– Adjusted juke areas around Dire Side Shop.

DOTA 2 UI Changes:

– Added support for muting voice & text chat of other players via the scoreboard.
– Fixed a bug with item combining when the courier brings items to a hero in fountain range.
– Changed how upgradable items are displayed in the shop: now all upgrade levels are shown in the combine tree.
– Upgradeable items, such as Necronomicon, now show the upgrade level in their shop tooltips.
– Added Legacy key support for Juggernaut.
– Fixed a bug where players who bought items while dead in range of the side or secret shop would have their items drop – on the ground.
– Changed secret shop item color to teal.
– Updated player slot colors.
– The player’s own minimap icon now shows their player color.
– Fixed a bug that prevented camera movement while spectating a game directly (not via DOTA TV).
– Fixed several issues with Fog of War while spectating.

DOTA 2 Visual Changes:

– Illusions in the portrait and multi-unit selection UI now show the illusion status effect.
– Vengeful Spirit’s Magic Missile is more obviously a projectile now.
– Beastmaster’s Wild Axes now flow along the ground, and are more prominent overall.
– Completed a rough pass over the Dire Secret Shop.
– Added a new custom effect for Lich’s Frost Armor.
– Lich’s Chain Frost is now more visible.
– Vengeful Spirit now has a new model and weapon.
– Added bloody footprints to Axe’s Cull effect.
– Fixed a bug that caused portraits to sometimes have missing (or extra) body parts on Heroes.

DOTA 2 Audio:

– Added more voice content to several heroes.
– Added Dire Defeat music piece