DOTA 2 Beta Patch Notes (20th October, 2011)

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DOTA 2 patch notesYay! It’s Friday and the new DOTA 2 Beta update (20/10/11) update is available via auto-update.  It adds 3 new heroes in DOTA 2 namely Skeleton King, Broodmother and Queen of Pain along with in-game pause support from player-side.

Patch Notes of October 20, 2011:

DOTA 2 Gameplay Changes:

– Added 3 new heroes:

– Broodmother
DOTA 2 Broodmother
– Skeleton King
DOTA 2 Skeleton King
– Queen Of Pain
DOTA 2 Queen Of Pain

DOTA 2 UI Changes:

– Added player pause support.
– Fixed Weaver sometimes coming out of his invisibility for Geminate Attack.
– Added dropdown in lobby setup for selecting which team goes first in Captain’s Mode.
– The lobby password field has an apply button and lock icon lights up when the password is set.
– Fixed losing key input when you search the shop with the chat up.
– Fixed a recent bug that caused the Ice Blast trail debuff to not get applied to heroes.

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