DOTA 2 (21 August, 2012) Patch Notes – New DOTA Loading Screen

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DOTA 2 21st August patch notes are release with a brand new loading screen and some more exciting changes. Recent update of DOTA 2 features 16 new items for the community. One more big news is that Treasure chest and key for that treasure are also available in the shop. This update is surely a delight for the fans.

Official DOTA 2 21st August Patch Notes:

DOTA 2 patch notes are not available right now

Unofficial DOTA 2 Patch Notes:

Brand New Loading Screen Added.
Dashboard changed to International blue effect.
International Treasure Chests and Key have been added.
16 new items from the community have been added.
Pennants for the 16 competing teams in the International 2012 have been added.
The Alpine Ursa set has been removed from the shop.

DOTA 2 21st August patch update unfortunately has no patch notes. But the changes occurs in this patch will surely drive the fans crazy. So guys have fun playing DOTA 2 and keep coming here to check the latest updates of DOTA2 Online here..

  • Black_LS

    1st blood

  • Chingchongchangchichi

    2nd blood

  • AssaSsin_Hip.Hop

    well 3rd blood because i think thiis i a game we play in every dota forum –‘

  • xyfer89

    how i cant get a beta key? pleas help me