DotA 2 will have Channeling Bars

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DotA 2 Channeling BarsOnce again, Valve showed a sneak peek of DotA 2 by ‘accidentally’ posting DotA 2 recent patch notes at Team Fortress 2 official website. This time it seems, they did that on purpose to create hype about their new game which was pretty expected. These patch notes reveals that DotA 2 has reached the current changes of DotA v6.72d and mentions the implementation of Channeling bars, a totally new concept.

Here is a screenshot of the leaked patch notes on (click to enlarge):

Dota 2 Patch Notes on TF2 website

Channeling bars itself sounds cool indeed, most probably there will be a small bar that will pop up on your screen indicating how much time left on Channeling a spell. For e.g. If Sand King casts Epicenter, a small bar will appear below HP bar showing the status of casting time. On the other hand, Valve has redirected the official DotA 2 blog to Looks like there will be a portal for DotA 2 Beta on primary domain in the near future.

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