DOTA 2 takes League of Legends spot in WCG 2012

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DOTA 2 strikes it hard on League of Legends by replacing it in the world’s one of the most renowned gaming event. The World Cyber Games management decides to exclude League of Legends in the WCG 2012 edition. The reasons are unclear yet but definitely it will be a great shock for the League of Legends fans and it will bring great enthusiasm in the DOTA 2 fans. The official statement is not yet here but sources confirmed that the League of Legends is replaced by DOTA 2.

Official Games of World Cyber Games 2012:

Dota 2
StarCraft II
Warcraft III
FIFA 2012

  • Pobednik-viktor


  • Well id really love to get a confirmation .. i dont want to train for nothing πŸ˜›

  • filosoreptor

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    • Cobalt

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  • angel

    well LoL suck xd

  • Nattheniel Frost

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    dota2=pro πŸ˜€

    • Einztein

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  • OWNED!!!!!!!!! >_<

  • Stevenson

    the money wins, dota 2 sucks hard

    • LOL SUCK

      lol SUCK SO HARD dude xD

  • warcraft 3 TFT? GOGO πŸ˜€

  • Daniel Rankeadoal

    PACMAN > dota2
    Dota2 Suck my balls
    League of legends is one hundred times better that dota2

    • LOL SUCK

      LoL is for bad players and retards πŸ˜€ just that

      • You must be that kind of retards who always lose on LOL

        • LOL SUCK

          LoL is very easy xD and boring

          • Zzz1996 5

            y the fuck cant u guys realize that all of them are good games

          • Picks-N-Bans

            Haha I know of an elementary student who plays LoL but i dunt know of a noob player in DOTA2. What am i saying?? >> LoL for ages 8-13 have common sense?

            LoL >> A Game Inspired by THE ORIGINAL DOTA
            DOTA 2 >> the REASON why u cant forget those funny/exciting/thrilling 8 YEARS of playing WARCRAFT DOTA :)))

      • wewew

        haha racist… cant just admit that you dont have the talent to play LOL hahaha… dont have strategy your a loner …. sad for you

        • x3no

          i agree with you .. he doesnt have any talent playing LOL .. haha ..

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  • Catacombz08

    good thing they replace it.. LOL’s for gays…

    • Bitch

      It’s not for gays we are all gamers . Dota 2 is for just ….. πŸ™‚


    LOL is for noob, all you have to do is hit and suck your enemies. In dota, imba moves exist.

    • x3no

      imba moves doesn’t only exist in dota .. you really dont have any imba experience in LOL .. that’s why you’re telling it.. haahahahaha… i pity you

    • ur just a noob in LoL and u dont suck in dota thats why u post things like this dumbass

      • MASSping

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    • Bryan Carreon

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  • ty god dota > LoL

  • InfernOx

    it is weird, league of legends has more players and popularity than dota2, by the way i like the 2 games.. but i dont like people who talk shit about league of legends or about dota2, both games are good and in this estance dota2 won the spot to be in wcg πŸ˜€

    • Nu-Carnage

      Dota 2 has less because it is still beta.. When it is officially released it will surpass LoL. And lets not forget its 100% free with all hero playable!!!!!!

  • Haha! Nice one DotA 2 πŸ™‚

  • LiquidSorrow

    Afaik, The reason Dota2 was given the spot was because LoL had some issues with WCG from the last LoL WCG 2011.

    What i heard happened was during the tournament WCG changed some rules to fit a certain team Dignitas into winning. They had a player named “Jatt” who played for both a US and a Canadian team which was against the rules.

    Instead of the apparent disqualification, WCG changed the rules. This caused an uproar in forums as to why the rules weren’t changed before the tournament. In turn gamers questioned WCG’s integrity on rules.

    After that Riot ended ties with WCG.

    WCG needed a new MOBA to put on LoL’s spot, they picked Dota2.

    Btw, I sure hope nothing like that ever happens to Dota2’s players.

  • Sticken

    GooD… haha.. LoL = a game for noobs in Dota … Even HoN is better than LoL … but Dota 2 Is the best !!! πŸ˜€

    • then why dont we have a LoL vs Dota2 showdown?
      pm icefrog and riot games to make a game that u can use dota vs lol in one game?

      • Cobalt

        Champions In LoL arent balanced for example Akali, Katarina, and Fizz

  • CiTylIghtS

    hahaha no way Lol is going to be better than dota!! xD

  • j0yz.sticX

    haha LoL players can’t accept it…….but u can’t do anything

  • ib0.o

    As an Old “Dota-1 & Dota-2” Player, I’d say that the Two Games are Good enough.
    Playing Dota-1 by the 5.84map when it released and Dota-2 for 30-40Days.
    Have never played, tried or checked HoN and LoL but, have seen the GamePlay how they look.
    Can not say that much about HoN but LoL has a good texture quality.

    Both team have done Fair Works.
    But that’s the truth which; A Dota Player never say that the LoL or HoN is better or has a good quality then Dota or LoL/HoN Player can say so for the Dota-2

  • trojanrock529

    HON & LOL is the combination of DOTA 2..

  • petet

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    • Cobalt

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      • steven coloscos

        try orchid and guinsoo plus blademail and kelens

    • Akali vs Doom Bringer

  • BLackZ

    Then just wait for the announcement… πŸ˜€
    but i want DotA2 !!!!

  • izedin

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  • abc

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  • Keli

    dota 2 is the best game ever

  • LOL is for fast hands with almost 6 active skills with low cooldowns, LOL is a fast paced game depends more on skill shots rather than wait and skill wait and skill in dota , i play both i Love both πŸ˜€

  • My 8 yrs old cousin plays DotA. I always see him play with cheat modes like -wtf, -gold xxxxxx, -lvlup xx etc and gets angry without cheats. Now he is playing LOL at 9. I think that means, LoL is for players who doesn’t like strategies as much as DotA gaming experience chess and LoL gaming experience rocks, papers, and scissors (alot of counters, but less strategies). Kids really love winning in an instant huh?

    • WTF udi

      tht’s a briliant fact haha

  • In LoL, there is an item called Rylai’s crystal scepter which is from Crystal Maiden in DotA, and that item is an advanced item. That means the champions are less than the heroes. They rely on someone’s item to make them stronger, from a hero? That’s just pathetic. Heroes fight for a cause; Champions compete in a sport. =P

  • PwningTime

    LOL is boring as fuck . Dota has so many heros to use “for free” and this game is based on tactics and skill . I played both so i know whats better . LOL sucks for short, just a boring copycat .

  • Guest

    Here is some example of DotA videos, and compare its ninja moves to your LoL’s spamming moves.

  • Guest

    Here is some example of DotA videos, and compare its ninja moves to your LoL’s spamming moves.

  • Watch even a single DotA video and compare it with a LoL video, you decide.

  • steven coloscos

    Ice frog,dendi,danylo,sergey,aldyn vs the best lol team

  • wbgolf

    I lol’ed at LOL

  • jack

    bigyan niyo po ako ng item tapos set at arcana