DotA 2 Server at Steam

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Dota 2 SteamA bit of information is available regarding the servers of the upcoming DotA 2. PlayDota forums member, Vtor67 found an hidden server of DotA 2 on Steam on an IP Address. The name of hosted server is “Valve DotA Server #2” and the game is “Defense of the Ancients” which is obviously DotA 2. It has 12 slots available which means, 10 slots is for players and rest 2 are for observers. The latency of the server is surprisingly low for a DotA Genre game.


IceFrog approves on his profile comment that this server is being used for DotA 2 Beta testing by the development team.

icefrog dota 2 playdota

If you want to see this server by yourself, do the following steps:

  • Open Steam Client
  • Click View > Servers
  • Click the Favorites tab
  • Click Add A Server
  • Enter the IP address into the text field
  • Click Find Games At This Address

This is an exciting news for those who are waiting for DotA 2. We hope the development finishes soon so we can play the Valve’s new masterpiece.


  • so these are great news but it’s pitty that dota2 isn’t presented in E3 which means that the chances for upcoming appearence to dota2 getting smaller…
    I’m asking myself why is this “fog” in which is covered all the info, gameplay and the source itself… there is one dota2 blog which is not updated from november 2010 and that is… all the things we know up to now comming from the fans(just like me) who would like to be familiar with the developing proces and make all possible to do so.. This server steam is just an example …. Icefrog says that his team like to play the game at nights but why dont present anything when the server connection and the gamplay are good ( in theyr infancy but good ). I thing that some more info will just excite the audience and make an add to the game but this dont depends on me… So lets hope dudes ;]

  • Darkronin

    Because Dota2 is owned by valve. Valve is one of those companies that loves to hide all info about their games. So the primary reason is Valve will do a “Suprise” announcement.

  • yea.. i watched the last dota uprade in youtube ( where MYM captain says that velve only want we to be in a “waiting loop” but some screens or so will not make the surprise fewer…. I hope dota2 will be really better then HoN and LoL but with the free HoN model VELVE really should do something…

    • valve *

    • Hah! the new info appeared. HoN is struck by massive DOS attacks.. Good job valve xD

  • Great.. I Can’t Wait Until it’s done 😀

  • Rejuvination

    There wont be any screen shots or gameplay videos because that can be negative to the game… like for hon there where a lot that said from the videos “Yeah its great” etc and now a lot of people say its a fail when they actually played it.
    this might happen to dota2 too.. so i don’t have great expectation… especially when they said “this game will be developed in such a way that older pc will be able to run it too”.. and system requirements asks a dual core, 512 video and such…(HOW THE HECK DO OLDER PC HAVE THOSE REQUIREMENTS)

  • Dread__Lord

    512 mb was recomended system requirement,but minimal was 128 mb

  • UnKnOwN|DoTa

    i dont have Games in thie IP why ?] ? why

  • Anonymous is better website for DotA, DotA2 and soon will be open League and Tournaments

  • dixonlikedota

    give me dota 2 beta key plis