DotA 2 now on Steam, Beta coming ‘soon’

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DotA 2 SteamAfter the announcement of big DotA 2 Tournament, Valve is preparing for the launch of the most anticipated game DotA 2 and has made DotA 2 Steam page live on Steampowered store for welcome. The steamapp page contains the description & old concept arts  but no option for pre-ordering the game still, you can add it to your wishlist.

However, at the bottom of the page it reveals some precious information about the Beta status of DotA 2:

 “Valve is targeting this fall for the large scale beta”. 

It seems there is going to be a large scale public beta testing coming this fall yet there are no details mentioned about the DotA 2 Beta Keys/Invites. Aside from all this, Some game developing companies like Arrowhead Game Studios has reported to have received DotA 2 Beta invitations from Valve.

Below, You can see the status @magickagame:

DotA 2 Beta Invites

Dota 2 on Steam

  • Felix_johncarlo_

    dota is a very disgusting game

  • Jonas

    Will it be available world-wide? And will it have other heroes aside from the ones that DotA has now?

    Color me excited.


      it will be a 100% WC3 Dota clone with improved graphics so, expect DOTA 2 to contain all heroes.

  • X3GlikE

    They better not reck dota 2 by adding new heros… only dota heros please.

    • Imsoepicyouwontknowmyemail

      you are gay, be adaptable retard

  • Niki_ronaldo

    I love DOTA !!! I CAN KILL FOR DOTA !!!!

  • Microglia

    DotN 2 should have LAN-support; or else it will be as trying hard as LOL/HoN


  • where to download this game???

  • Hhsdf

    lol nobody’s forcing you to like it

  • Seba23
  • Anonymous is better website for DotA, DotA2 and soon will be open League and Tournaments

  • now we need to do survey just can sign up? can please give me a beta key? please~

    my email: