DOTA 2 MMORPG is Coming [Video]

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DOTA 2 MMORPGValve has been caught developing a MMO (Massively Multiplayer Online) version of Dota 2. A Russian player Warch1992 has uploaded a Dota 2 MMO gameplay footage of YouTube. The MMO is based on the original Dota custom map. And it’s pretty much complete as per the video.

This is surely a clever and good business move by Valve to make a MMO of Dota 2. I’m sure it will attract many players if it’s made right.  In the video, we can see the Quest, Spells upgrade, Player skills , Chatbox and Weapon System is implemented. The character selection page is cool too. It’s still unclear weather Dota 2 and Dota 2 MMO will be shipped separately or not, let’s wait and see. I hope, after this leak, Valve sends out beta invites to the us 🙂

  • trololo… sure that is a fake.

    • Jedi

      It’s real, read the Gabe N and Icefrog messages on left

      • John ArchAngel

        The chatbox can be faked too =.=

  • Enitsuj

    Dota 2

  • fake

  • Omg please icefrog can you let me test the game with you i would love to be one of Them who test it out Thank for you time let me know Via email at or simply message me on Facebook thanks

    • Wth? why ask for a beta invite for a thing who probabily is fake and if not will be announced in a big event and will be so hard to get a beta like dota2 in early closed beta stage, why this guy ask for beta and post his mail here? In his dreams IceFrog or Gabe will read this and PUFF, send to the firstly one guy who ask for it? Sadly this things….

  • read the chat@1:40

  • awwwww

    looks fake to me =.=

    • John ArchAngel

      google it ‘Dota 2 MMO’

  • John Francis Pedroso

    mmo dota sucks…..

    sucks bigtime

  • lolazo

    Epic Fail…. WoW is Much better!

  • ash

    seriously i suggest dota 2 not to ruin by bringing a epic fail mmo

  • Viper


  • The noob who faked it doesn’t know that it’s written All Rights reserved, not All Right Reserved.

  • jad albi andrada

    i dont think so because og wow is already have an mmo

  • Arzxiel[Zi]

    looks pretty stupid .. and totaly fake ==”

  • Connan

    Its real lmfao its not fake. You will see this at Christmas 🙂

  • Connan

    But this video MIGHT be fake :/

  • cloudStrife


  • Daniel Oliveira S

    looks like fake
    and if isnt a fake, is worse
    a lame game, why would I play a MMO that i’ll do exactly the same things as in the moba?