DotA 2 GamesCom Event Confirmed

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Dota 2 eventValve is going to organize Defense Of The Ancients 2 event soon at GamesCom fair. Recently, an event invitation letter got leaked by sgamer thus revealing the details of a big DotA 2 exhibition tournament at GC in which Valve has invited & sponsored top professional DotA teams from all over the world. The letter looks convincing as Valve listed themselves presenting a ‘strategy’ game at GamesCom exhibitor list.

Dota 2 Gamescom invitation

GamesCom DOTA 2 Event Invitation Letter from Valve

Aside from this tournament, Valve is likely to provide DotA 2 public beta keys to players. Finally, we’ll be able to see live DOTA 2 in action. The big event will be held in Germany at Cologne Trade Fair Center on 17-21 August.


DotA 2 Germany Servers are spotted at GameMonitor.

DotA 2 Gamescom Germany Servers

Stay tuned on DotA 2 Utilities for more updates!

  • Mark

    I am very excited for this event. I wish I could attend it 🙁

  • Jiyongprk

    all i want is this game to fully release!!!

  • Haha, i guess DotA 2 utilities grants my wish for the Like Buttons on the comments. :)) Btw, Hope valve would release lots of Beta Keys.

  • Microglia

    keep it free. It won’t be like as successful as DotA if they will incorporate charges upon playin the game. Goodluck Valve.

  • ryan joseph hernandez

    yeah this could be a big HIT!!!but just dont be like as HON that needs to have a shell just to play please be free tnx and by the way goodluck for your game 🙂

  • Ms Thảo

    thanks and wellcome!
    Angry Birds

  • Justinelouisesison_24

    i hope it can be played by lan and have some ai maps to

  • Seba23
  • Anonymous is better website for DotA, DotA2 and soon will be open League and Tournaments