DOTA 2 Free To Play Mystery!

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Dota 2 Free To Play
DOTA 2 is going to be a leading product in  Action Real Time Strategy games which is in hatching process under Valve’s supervision. There are some competitors For e.g. S2Games’ Heroes of Newerth, Riot’s League of Legends, Bloodline Champions etc. These game developing companies are going to face some serious challenge because Valve is not any other company, they have vast experience in making the most popular FPS series Counter-Strike and most importantly they have collaboration with DotA’s creator IceFrog.

The release of Dota2 is expected in the end of this year as Dota2 is under beta testing phase since November 2010 according to the Dota2 leaked changelogs. There were some speculations going on that Dota2 will be Free To Play. If this news is true, Valve is going to dominate the Action RTS game market.

Valve PR employee Doug Lombardi had an interview with French gaming site, he assured that Valve corporation is currently working on a free to play project and of course,  it will be based on micro-transactions. However, still there is no such confirmation about DOTA2 being a Free To Play release but certainly ValveFrog will adopt some surprising techniques to attract the community and to beat the competitors. So lets hope that Dota2 comes out soon and fulfils our expectations.

  • LoL.hAter

    now we can play dota?

    • Preshlen

      For a petty this info is a bit old and up to now we know that DotA2 wont be in a F2P. But who cares.. if you want to play just pay 😀

  • Well

    I am excited about dota, but I expect some new heroes too, not just the old ones, even if not old ones, those that are least popular could be skipped, like visage.

    And I am worried about how the game will look, because from their fan art, they showed us – Lina looks nasty, not sexy fire woman like on dota 2, morphling just looks stupid, like Dolphin?! Drow ranger is not undead, but elf… and etc.

    Also I am disappointed about how we get no information, i expect some info from gamescom.

    • Steve

      Lina looks great, Morphling looks exactly like a water elemental and a DROW ranger is a dark elf ranger. People really will whine about the stupidest things.

      • §Vhan§

        Your right Steve.

    • Preshlen

      hm. .First of all I must excuse about the length of this review but i hope to have included all my feelings and oppeneons and at the same time to refute Wells.
      1. About the old/new heroes: This is dota2 and it should be similar to DotA if VALVE need the dota comutity to keep playing theyr game so if more heroes are different dont you think it will divide too much from DotA we know?
      2. I wont quote all your rigmaroles about the heroes art but i’m not quite sure do you know what exactly you’ve writen. I hope less people “think” like you because personaly i cant see anything wrong in these few artworks we have. Also you definitely write here in your ignorance. I cant concider these official pictures gave us from VALVE itself as a “Fan art”…
      3.All VALVEs games come in the same mist in which is now DotA2 and this is advertisement trick which as i can see work properly. The only think VALVE wants is to make us in a waiting loop and i think this is better add then showing some screens, demos, vidos etc. As you said gamescom will give us demos, trailers and all stuff we want.

      I hope to have been clear and comprehensive and also apologize about some few spelling mistakes i might have missed.

  • weeee

    U make the game how about that….. stop complaining man theyre doing there best

    • rap


  • kain

    why dota will not be free if the news were not right ? and i think if this happen it will lose many of it’s lovers

  • this is a new map or other

  • SpringMaple

    who said visage is least popular?

    • ade

      youre right man. visage is one of the most versatile heroes in dota that is very useful when it comes to hero clashes. Only a n00b will say that visage is the least popular because i have seen many pro players use visage in the tournament.

  • Sid

    drow ranger is a elf that was turned undead lol
    morph look’s more brute, very nice
    and line is sexy, the pyromaniac effect got my attention…
    blood seeker look like a savage, didn’t like much, but it’s ok

  • MrSnowman

    Making a moba game F2P isn’t a good idea. It makes people leave more, makes ratings incorrect. Gives some people in the community advantages over others.

    It’s overall a bad idea in such a competetive game.

    If valve does this, they will ruin it.

  • RenzeR

    sure its free?

  • Prince

    are there only 4 heroes in DOTA 2 ? o.O weird.

  • xXxPoTmZxXx

    When we will can play tis game????

  • §Vhan§

    Can i Request some Like and Dislike buttons here for the comments?. Haha. Just kidding. There are peoples who cant appreciate the efforts of others, They just keep on complaining and complaining. Why don’t you guys make your own Game if your not satisfied from what they are doing. Its not easy to Make and Program a game. You the “Well” guy there, Do you know Pro. Gaming or just Normal DotA Public gaming?. Cause you think Visage is not a popular Hero.

    ” Sorry for my bad English. Its not my Language. 🙁 “

  • i waited so much for this moment <3 ^^

  • pendaPLEX

    I Like Lina…Go!!!Valve and IceFrog


    DotA And LoL RULES!!!


  • Boody

    Well i hope it’s f2p cuz i always get back to dota when i get 2 bored:)

  • Weezy

    i think it is going to be like League of legends f2p and u have to buy champs in order to own them (u have 10 champions that change every week) also i think for skins , anyway if its like LoL imma get it 😛


      LoL sucks dude it req no skill to
      Play . Unlike the original Dota . Dota is Dota not LoL

      • Myst

        Dead wrong dude!!!! LoL has more strategy into it unlike dota where 1 overfed hero can carry the whole team while lol emphasizes teamplay…

  • Supapa


  • Kurikapo0013

    if we need to pay to play.. i think it sucks!..

  • interesting…

    if it is f2p, skins and itens on the store will only be able to be bought by using real money, otherwise they wouldn’t have any profit making this game.

  • can i download this ? i want dota2 =))

  • KeeMpoY

    is DotA 2 online games or offline?

  • Anonymous

    no pay!!! :)))

  • Tachkazor

    U trolls cant realise dont you??? ITS milion times beter if they it payable cuz that means u have unlocked all in the game and having all heroes for any game is much better then changing it free week like hon and lol do this srylsy valve and ice frog if an1 c this please make it non-free 2 play…. i hate free week rotation -.-

  • Seba23
  • Jeoward

    can i play?ahhm how?/


    AyOsZ AnG dOtA

  • Anonymous is better website for DotA, DotA2 and soon will be open League and Tournaments

  • nyomer

    wooh! dota2 be f2p. they just have to add some Goldmember blah blah like what garena did. games are for you to play not for you to pay ^_^.. thumbs up if you agree 😛