Dota 2 Epic Hack – Pudge with 35000 HP, Infinite Strength

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Dota 2 Hack

During one of the Ranked Match game, a player (Pudge) from team Radiant managed to hack Dota 2 server and spawned unlimited heroes at Fountain. He then gained 35k HP and max levels by killing those dummy Level 1 heroes and getting the strength points using 3rd skill Flesh Heap. The allies were also receiving experience points. The Pudge became too strong, he was able to 1 hit K.O all the heroes in Dire team. Here are some screenshots from that game. The Match ID is 449960886, in case if you want to watch the replay.

Dota 2 matchmaking hack
Pudge Dota 2 Hack
Dota 2 bug

It seems that Dota 2 is still vulnerable to hacks and other exploits. Valve needs to act and fix these exploits in the next update or they might get misused by cheaters.  There are several other cases where players reported Dota 2 maphack and gold hack use.

  • Hoo Lee Fuk

    The replay is not available 🙁

  • noob dota 2 hack

    So i get this, heres the guide how to do that:
    1. Invite friend for party.
    2. Find game.
    3. Make friend leave game and abbadon.
    4. Use dota_bot_populate command to spawn bots.
    5. ?????
    6. PROFIT!!!

    • Lee

      how his friend still on the game?? u said they abbandon the games..

      • Lord of Avernus

        just stay afk for 10mins u will abandon game but u will still get option for reconnect

        • noway

 time an enemy quit .. hes hero is controlled by ai.. and that hero bacame invulnerable…

  • dota 2 saviour

    all please report this ID, this a shame for dota 2 community…
    go to his steam profile and report as suspected cheater. add this reason :

    During game, he was using pudge and summoning bots populate and increase his flesh heap until 600++ and kill all enemy by 1 hit. I guess he is hacking the bug of dota 2, better ban this account and remove him from community. Please punish him, please…. this is the match id, u can watch the replay and how he won the game by cheating. TQ valve!

    his steam id:

    • Pena Malique

      You must be 12.

    • Don’t cry… He can create even millions of accounts. It is dota2 should be fixed not the one who discover the exploits.

  • Its a hacked hero
    spawned codes”Spawn Living Dead”Spawn etc.. thats all i know

  • Jv Bagasala Nacion

    i cant play the matching game is not working please fix