DotA 2 Beta Leaked Changelogs

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Dota 2 news on steamValve’s game store, Steampowered had a security flaw which allowed DotA 2 updates to viewed publicly without any restrictions. A fellow fan did some deep searches on the website, he found several unlisted patch notes from DotA 2 Beta via Steam search.

Currently, 6 leaked Dota 2 patch notes are leaked, you can read them below:

DotA 2 Leaked Beta Changelogs:

14 Apr 2011 / 20 Apr 2011

– New Hero: Rattletrap.
– New Hero: Furion
– New model for Lich, who is re-enabled!
– Re-enabled Windrunner.
– Temporarily disabled Axe, Necrolyte, and Sven.
– Numerous server crash fixes
– Fixed bug that would give excess gold on tower kills when images
were present.
– Fixed bots having a vague sense of invisible enemy units.
– Added day/night indicator.

30 Apr 2011 – Hey it’s an Update

* New Hero: Sniper
* New Hero: Dark Seer
* Added Slardar Voice
* Fixed Drow’s agility gain per level. Was 1.0, now correctly 1.9
* Fixed being able to query an enemy hero and see the level of the
* Fixed being able to query an enemy hero and see the level of the
* Fixed not being able to see cooldown of abilities on friendly
* Partial Dota 6.72 parity. Please wait on reporting missing ones
until the next update.
* New Dashboard has been enabled.
* Hooked up Dire version of the Couriers.
* Fixed Mask of Madness adding 20 constant movement speed on use
instead of increasing movespeed by 20%
* Many improvements to Bot AI.
* Improved DotaTV directed framing mode.
* Added DotaTV directed shoulder view.
* Fixed Rattletrap’s Cogs to be killable by his own team (he can do
it in one hit).
* Adjusted how Rattletrap’s Cogs arrange nearby units when deployed
– they should be better about trapping unitsnow.
* Fixed a bug where if a hero attempted to pick up the Aegis with a
full inventory, the Aegis would bind to them

5 May 2011 – Cinco de Update

* Added Earthshaker and Kunkka bots.
* Bloodstone now gains charges, rather than stacks a buff.
* Numerous fixes and tweaks to DotaTV camera.
* Hooked up Pudge’s new Rot animation.
* Fixed Fiend’s Grip not working properly on magic immune units.
* Fixed uppercase F not working properly in chat.
* Standardized projectile hits with respect to Sphere, magic
immunity, and invulnerability.
* Added projectile dodging to teleports, invisibility, and Mirana’s
* Kobold Taskmasters now have Speed Aura.
* Centaur Khans now have Endurance Aura.
* Centaur Khans now have War Stomp.

13 May 2011 – Who wants an Update

* Fixed Rattletrap’s Rocket Flare to be visible on the minimap
* Switched sange and yasha from their orb effect maim to trigger
off of an OnAttackLanded event instead.
* Manta move speed doesn’t stack with yasha or sange and yasha.
* Fixed Reaper’s Scythe on magic immune units.
* Fixed Fatal Bonds not always adding the primary target.

26 May 2011 – Ah Fresh Meat (welcome new testers)!

* 3 New Heroes! Nevermore, Enchantress. and Leshrac.
* Added Tutorial Mode.
* Added Bug Reporter: You can type “bug” in the console for a more
detailed form or you can just type “bug: [insert bug text here]” in
the in-game chat to enter a new bug on the fly.

2 Jun 2011 Update. Rearm. Update.

* Enabled Tinker.
* If you’re accepted into a matchmaking game while spectating
another game, it will automatically remove you from spectating.
* Fixed the Tutorial randomly popping up during non-tutorial games.
* DOTA TV works on replays now.
* Fixed first-ability-randomly-firing-off bug that was caused by
errant clicks on the action panel (ttocs found a repro /highfive).
* Fixed Death Prophet’s Exorcism spirits not clamping to the ground.
* Lots of fixes for Illusion, Magic Immunity and Sphere rules.
* Fixed Soul Ring to give the proper mana even when your mana is
* Implemented Witch Doctor’s Ultimate Scepter.
* Fixed Echo Slam doing 1 less echo to the initial targets.
* Fixed Corrosive Skin having a bug that caused it to not work

This indicates that DotA 2 beta development is already underway. Valve is slowly porting all the heroes, items, mehanics from Warcraft 3 – Dota. Seeing the frequency of updates above, we can really expect DOTA release date in November 2011. Soon after this information was released, Valve immediately removed the possible DotA 2 updates from Steampowered store, thanks to Dotallyrad who was keen to capture these updates at that moment!

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    * Fixed uppercase F not working properly in chat.

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    finally something fresh ;] November sounds good xD

  • Elementalos

    Furion added? Doesn’t it seem like porting someone like him straight into the game might ruffle some feathers at Blizzard?

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    I believe that the heroes in dota, we’re named by icefrog and staff, not by blizzard itself, so he can actually copy the name of then xD blizzard has nothing to complain.

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      The name Furion is named by Blizzard from the Campaign of Warcraft.

  • indeed! also “Lich”

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  • Anonymous is better website for DotA, DotA2 and soon will be open League and Tournaments