DotA 2 Beta Keys

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DotA 2 LogoValve is developing a massive remake of  Warcraft 3 Mod, DotA 2 at their headquarters for so long and they haven’t revealed any gameplay footage or screenshots of the DotA 2, the whole DotA Genre players community is eagerly waiting to see the sneak peek (trailer) and get their hands on the DotA 2.

In the last DotA 2 Q&A by IceFrog, it was mentioned that DotA 2 will provide an opportunity for beta testers to join the team. However, no further information was disclosed regarding the open beta keys/invites date. There are rumors going on that DotA 2 beta testing phase is coming soon and the Beta keys will be distributed among professional players but we hope that Valve provides DotA 2 beta to a good number of DotA fanatics, like us.